Everything you need to know about the return of electric scooter rental to Millau

Everything you need to know about the return of electric scooter rental to Millau

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From May 30, self-service scooters will be back in Millau. Update with the company's managers on the modalities.

Scooters are making their return to town, in Millau. From this Thursday, May 30, until, they should be available for rental in public spaces, according to the press release sent by the city of Millau.

Exit Bird, which had taken over the streets for the first experiment, makes way for Meyo (pronounced Millau, Editor's note), a local brand which is launching. Mélissa, the president of the company, already has experience. She was the one who worked with the Miami-based brand when it set up in the city of gloves in 2022. She will be accompanied by Franck in this operating task. "We know that it works and that it's very popular, note the second. In 2022, we had 19& ;nbsp;000 users in the months of July and August."

"Insist on Safety"

A return, not to everyone's taste, to Millau. "More danger on the sidewalks like, please There wasn’there wasn’enough with the bikes, skateboards, and scooters of really big individuals!  ", regrets Carole Albat, upon the announcement of the return of self-service rental of these machines. "We really want to emphasize safety, < /em>insists Franck. The machines will be limited to 8 km/h in the quiet areas of the city center and 25 km/h elsewhere, as as required by law." The municipality also intends to emphasize security in the city center, area where the massive arrival of these two-wheelers worries the most. "We have already done prevention during the previous experiment, a campaign of ;rsquo;posting in April to prepare for the summer season, we will take the next step, assures Yannick Douls, elected in charge of mobility. We realize that cyclists or users of private scooters do not respect the rules, the idea will be to reframe all that."

96 scooters for rent

To emphasize the safety aspect of using one of the 96 rental scooters, the manager repeats: & quot;They are equipped with indicators at the front and rear and a smartphone holder to guide users who have a destination on their GPS. This will allow them to charge their phone at the same time."

39 points to drop off and pick up your scooter

The scooters will be available. pick up and drop off at specific points in Millau. 39 points were scored. identified with Millau, from the city center to the peripheral districts. The most &agrav; the west is located &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; the Naulas bus stop, & East on Avenue de l’Aigoual, at the roundabout which is located after the Dourbie car park. To the north, users will be able to go as far as the commercial area of ​​Crès, or à the landing of Millau beach.

A range of 50 km per battery

A new park, therefore, different from the one that was installed in the summer of 2022. "They will be powerful enough to face the climbs of Millau, the autonomy of the batteries will be 50 km when the old ones were between 12 and 17, argues the interested party. The batteries will be removable, we will simply have to change them when they are empty."

For their return to Millau, the rate that will be applied is 30 cents per minute of use. "You will need to flash the QR code placed on the scooters and download the application in order to be able to use it, continues Franck. We are the first to create a French brand in the use of scooters."

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