Fight against inflation: a temporary bazaar will open its doors for a month in front of Béziers station

Fight against inflation: a temporary bazaar will open its doors for a month in front of Béziers station

“La Bonne affair” will be installed at 26, boulevard de Verdun, in Béziers. Jean-Pierre Amarger – Midi Libre

Adem Yilmaz will open the doors of his ephemeral bazaar on April 4 until the end of the month on Boulevard de Verdun in Béziers.

"We are in the middle of a crisis. People have great difficulty finishing the month. With my sign "The Good Deal" I intend to fight against inflation, explains Adem Yilmaz. To do this, he will open a pop-up bazaar at 26 boulevard de Verdun in Béziers for one month, from April 4 to 30. There, you will find hygiene products, small household appliances, but also garden furniture, stationery and even animal products.

"Du discount de discount"

"It will be discount of discount. But quality products ", assures the merchant who is currently based in Narbonne. "We are only open one month to keep costs as low as possible. We obtain our supplies from brands in France, Germany and Italy, who leave us their unsold items. We buy batches of products from businesses that have gone bankrupt. We discover the products that will be put on sale by receiving the delivery truck. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get good, inexpensive and quality deals."

The Tour de France

"The Good Deal" is based on the concept of the giant clearance sale. Adem Yilam is a former salesperson who worked in import-export. His network allowed him to find inventory to sell and after setting up several businesses, he created his latest in December. "La Bonne bargain is not an ephemeral business. We are registered in the commercial register. It is only the installation which is limited in time. My idea is to tour France to carry my conception of the fight against inflation everywhere. The next stop will be Nîmes."

In municipalities with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants

Usually, we find this type of business in large commercial areas. This was not possible in Béziers because the rents were very expensive and the ephemeral aspect bothered the landlords. "We chose to settle in municipalities of 100&nbsp ;000 inhabitants or less. We sell products that are already on sale directly at the checkout. This is a huge discount. As we do not have a non-competition clause, we can sell at the lowest price, products that are not store returns, but new. As for the warranty on small household appliances, there is that of the manufacturer which works. That’s enough. Despite the prices charged, we never received a return."

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