Firefighters’ strike: “small progress” but the movement continues

Firefighters’ strike: “small progress” but the movement continues

Le centre de secours de Saint-Affrique DR

Comme à Millau et Saint-Affrique, les sapeurs-pompiers de l’Aveyron sont en grève depuis lundi 19 février.

Mobilized at the call of their unions FO, CGT and Avenir Secours, the firefighters of Aveyron have been on strike since Monday February 19. A movement of anger which remains symbolic until now, the firefighters having decided to continue to carry out all of their interventions.

In terms of demands, the strikers expect their board of directors to respect the promise made two years ago in which it undertook to hire new sappers -firefighters for the department's emergency centers. The inter-union also requires a « increase in salaries and extension of social benefits ». After a week of strike, the unionists were received on Monday as agreed by their management and the board of directors of Sdis de l’Aveyron.

At the end, « small advances concerning administrative and technical staff » but nothing new in terms of the hoped-for recruitment, testified at the end of the meeting Olivier Gastineau (Avenir Secours) who confirmed that the movement would continue until March 10, the date on which the second notice expires strike filed recently.

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