Fise Montpellier: breakdancing, a sporting and cultural discipline, has taken its place at the festival

Fise Montpellier: breakdancing, a sporting and cultural discipline, has taken its place at the festival

Sarah Bouyahyaoui alias b-girl Sarah Bee à l’œuvre à Montpellier. Midi Libre – Dorian Cayuela

Le breakdance qui entre au programme des Jeux cette année à Paris est l’une des grandes attractions de l’événement montpelliérain.

This Wednesday, the first day of Fise Montpellier 2024, breakdancing won the public prize as spectators gathered around the dedicated stage for the qualifying events before the final phases this Thursday.

And this is no surprise since breakdancing is part of the history of Fise. If the first competition certified by the international federation (WDSF) took place in 2019, it has been present since the beginning in 1997, at the time in the form of initiations and demonstrations.

In 2022, the competition will be part of the Breaking for Gold international circuit. It allowed participants to score points in the race to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games where breakdancing will appear on the program for the first time in its history. "The WDSF has captured the interest in the discipline of participating in a multidisciplinary event like Fise which mixes urban communities", rejoices Lucas Vignais, breakdance expert at Hurricane Group, the organizing company of Fise .

The French team in force at Fise

This year, because of the proximity to the Olympic qualifying tournaments (TQO), Fise is content to organize international level battles before the return of official competitions in 2025. This does not ;rsquo;does not prevent the Montpellier public from seeing the best French dancers like b-boy Dany Dann, the only Frenchman qualified for the Olympics for the moment, and the Bleues Carlota Dudek, Kimie Alvarez or even Sarah Bouyahyaoui.

"Dance communities are always there, explains Lucas Vinais. The best dancers are there and the level is very high. The festival aims to be sporting but also cultural, and that's a good thing since breakdancing is positioned between sport and culture."

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