It is adopted by many men: everything you need to know about vasectomy, a male contraceptive method that is on the rise

It is adopted by many men: everything you need to know about vasectomy, a male contraceptive method that is on the rise

La vasectomie, un bénéfice pour la sexualité du couple.

La vasectomie est une méthode contraceptive masculine qui a le vent en poupe. Largement débarrassée des mythes d’émasculation qui lui ont longtemps collé à la peau, elle est maintenant adoptée par de nombreux hommes. Ses avantages sont nombreux.

From the age of 18, whether or not he has had children, a man can have vasectomy as a contraceptive method. This minimal surgical procedure takes place under local anesthesia, in 10 to 20 minutes. It involves blocking the ducts that connect the testicles and the prostate. Tissue from the patient himself is now inserted. This evolution of the method made it possible to further improve the results. Today, less than 1% of patients suffer from pain upon ejaculation.

Very rare complications

Apart from that, complications are extremely rare. On the other hand, the effectiveness has been very well demonstrated. After 30 ejaculations or 3 months of delay, a spermogram is carried out to verify that contraception is effective.

Vasectomy is an infallible method of contraception which has no effect on erection, ejaculation or even orgasm. "Patients do not feel any change, particularly in terms of the volume of ejaculate, the sensation felt or the pleasure", specifies Dr Charlotte Methorst, urologist and member of the French Association of Urology (AFU).

And on a psychological level ?

In addition to the physiological benefits, vasectomy has a clearly positive psychological impact. Contrary to what one might imagine, most men understand that this operation does not affect their virility. On the other hand, it offers them a more fulfilled life as a couple. "Science has widely studied the psychological impact of vasectomy on couple life and it reveals that a large part sees the number of relationships increase and the associated satisfaction also accentuated", supports the urologist.

The quality of life of the couple and the sexuality of the woman, and therefore of her partner, is much improved. Particularly because the mental burden of contraception is thus shared, showing the involvement of the male partner. And of course, the risk of pregnancy is ruled out.

An increasingly popular method

More and more men are having vasectomies. They are almost 10 times more than 10 years ago. And the average age has fallen. "Before it was about men over 45 years old, for example starting a life with a new partner", explains Dr. Charlotte Methorst. "Today the average is around 35 years old."

Note: a 4-month reflection period is imposed by law after the first consultation.

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