Flight delays and cancellations: Ascension weekend could be disrupted by strike by Vueling flight attendants

Flight delays and cancellations: Ascension weekend could be disrupted by strike by Vueling flight attendants

Une grève pendant le week-end de l’Ascension pourrait entraîner des “perturbations majeures”. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Jean-Luc Flémal

The strike notice runs from May 8 to 12, and could be extended into May and June, leading to delays and cancellations of flights.

The union representing French hostesses and stewards at Vueling has filed a strike notice from May 8 to 12, in order to demand "loyal& quot; with the management of the Spanish low-cost company, he announced on Monday.

Working conditions denounced

This notice, coinciding with the Ascension long weekend, is "renewable in May and June", warned the SNPNC-FO in a press release, which accuses its management of "unfair negotiation for a new company agreement", complains of an "inhumane pace of work" and criticizes "use of employees under contract other than French".

The SNPNC-FO, which had already struck in spring 2023 for salary increases and improved working conditions, causing the cancellation of dozens of flights, said it was waiting < em>"a gesture from management to immediately cease the notice period and resume fair negotiations in the common interest of the life of the company and the employees".

For its part, Vueling said "its surprise at the union's resolution, which does not correspond to current discussions underway with the company".

Major disruptions expected in the event of a strike

In a press release sent to AFP Monday evening, the company said it had "demonstrated its desire to continue negotiations within a framework of understanding and constructive dialogue in order to reach an agreement beneficial to both parties".

She called “on the responsibility of the SNPNC-FO to cancel the strike and continue negotiations in order to avoid the major disruptions that this situation could generate".

However, "if the strike continues, Vueling will make the necessary adjustments to the planned program in order to minimize possible disruption to customers", she promised.

The company boasts a network of 248 routes, including 42 in France from Orly, Roissy and six other French airports. It transported more than 34 million passengers in 2023.

Founded in 2004 in Spain and focused on "low-cost", Vueling, headquartered in Barcelona , is a member of the IAG group, alongside British Airways and Iberia.

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