Football: a summit, meanders and a watershed, this is the geography of the district around Thau

Football: a summit, meanders and a watershed, this is the geography of the district around Thau

Le Social doit réagir… pour le fun. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Le programme de ce week-end des 2 et 3 mars promet de belles affiches. 

Just before another break, the district teams will approach the last third of the championship. In other words, we will enter the period of adjustment, consolidation or, sometimes, abdication.

In D1, if for Pointe-Courte it is now practically finished, for Olympique Lapeyradois and the Sétoise reserve, this is not yet the case, far from there. However, the men of the Besse-Etienne duo are not reassured and know that they have a huge chance to play. A success on Saturday evening would involve the opponent of the day in the fight for maintenance. A situation that had not occurred to him until then.

A new coach in Sète

According to the principle of “the more people in difficulty, the merrier!”, the final struggle is likely to be lively. For the Sète reserve, with a winding route, not a point since January 21, the time has come to reconquer. With their new coach Sébastien Saez, the "Vert et blanc" are able to start well against the Védasiens.

In D2, Sète Olympique will be in Celleneuve and will have to be careful. The Montpellier residents showed great things in Frontignan recently. In Pool B, FC Domitia should have fewer problems with Lamalou, in very poor health, who has no points on the clock. The shock of Pool C of D3, certainly also the last hope of playing the climb for Stade Balarucois, is on the menu. A defeat for Jean-Philippe Hummel's men would mark the probable transfer of Villeveyracois to D2 next season.

In pool B, Mireval can still believe in the rise but no longer has the right to make mistakes. Bringing back a point from Saint-Gély would be enough to make Fabrice Jalbaud's Lapeyradois happy.

This Saturday at 8:30 p.m.:
Ol. Lapeyradois/Lespignan.
This Sunday 3 p.m.:
SC Sète II/Saint-Jean-de-Védas II (Tomaszower),
Saint-Thibéry/Pointe-Courte AC,
Celleneuve/Sète Olympique,
FC Domitia/Lamalou,
AS Mireval/Petit-Bard III,
Saint-Gély-du-Fesc II/Ol. Lapeyradois II,
US Villeveyrac/St Balaruc,
Saint-Pargoire/FC Domitia II,
Mèze SFC/Le Pouget,
Saint-André/Social Sète.

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