Football: Alès passes his passing exam before the DNCG

Football: Alès passes his passing exam before the DNCG

The budget presented to the DNCG by the OAC, which was not maintained in National 2, was accepted. Midi Free – ALEXIS BETHUNE

The OAC passed this Wednesday in front of the DNCG. The budget presented by the Cévennes club was "accepted as is" by the financial policeman of the French football.

L’Olympique d’Alès en Cévennes, relegated to National 3 at the end of the season, was summoned before the DNCG (National Directorate of Control of management), this Tuesday, May 28. The Cévennes club, which had worked on two budgets, one for the National 3 (around 1.50 million euros), the other for the National 2 in the event of a draft (a little more than 1.80 million euros), wanted to be confident. He was right to be so. Following his hearing, the financial policeman of French football notified him that his budget was "accepted in the&rsquo ;state".

Philippe Mallaroni: "We become a good student"

"After studying our file, the DNCG ruled and validated the reliability of the elements presented by accepting the budget as is. This step completed, we will now be able to continue the work already started on the future season", reacted the OAC in a press release.

"This decision is satisfactory in relation to the work undertaken, it underlines the quality of our management. You become a good student", general manager Philippe Mallaroni told Midi Libre.

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