Football: eliminations, regrets and end of hopes around the Thau basin

Football: eliminations, regrets and end of hopes around the Thau basin

Les vétérans balarucois ont manqué de souffle ce dimanche. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

En championnat comme en Challenge Martin, le sort n’a pas souri aux équipes départementales ce dimanche 10 mars.

We played in D1 on Sunday, near the Maillol stadium dear to the club “Marine et blanc”, we didn’not expect much from it.

Les Pointus beaten with honors

Faced with favorites for accession to the League, the last of the class held up well and even came close to creating the feat. We know that heads are already turned towards next season, that Pointe-Courte AC will recover, the fact remains that it is still a difficult period for the Pointus.

Nevertheless, it was a great performance that they achieved against the players from Biterrois. It was only in the last quarter of an hour that the visitors took the lead. A melting goalkeeper, local volunteers, worried a formation which plays the climb. Enough to have regrets…

In D3, the Mirevalais traveled to the Postiers of Montpellier. President Rey's men could only share the points. Now six lengths behind the leader, the Blues will have to settle for a place of honor.

The massacre in Challenge Maurice-Martin

The Maurice-Martin Challenge was also on the menu. With three representatives, we hoped that the Thau basin would still be there at the semi-final stage, but this is not the case.

The Lapeyradois go out on penalties, at the end of a match where the scorers were particularly lively. The Domitians also bowed on their ground but more widely. As for the Balarucois, facing ambitious Baillarguois, they will not reach the next round, the reduction of the score after the break by Redda Aït Ben Youcef was not enough.

D1 : Pointe-Courte/Puissalicon-Magalas 1-2.
D3 : PTT Montpellier/AS Mireval 1-1.

Maurice-Martin Challenge, quarter-final:
Olympique Lapeyradois II (D3)/Port Marianne (D4) 4-4,
FC Domitia II (D3)/Lodève (D3) 1-3.

Maurice-Martin Challenge, round of 16:
St. Balaruc/Baillargues II 1-2.

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