Football: essential updates for Mèze and La Peyrade

Football: essential updates for Mèze and La Peyrade

Les Lapeyradois n’ont guère le choix. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Un mois de mai un peu plus chômé qu’à l’accoutumée, des intempéries d’avril ou encore des tournois de jeunes très importants pour les finances des clubs, sont autant de raisons de prévoir des dates judicieuses pour les mises à jour des calendriers.

This Wednesday, May 15, it was at Sesquier that Mèze SFC made up for one match. It wasn’t just any match. Besides the fact that it was a derby with Asfac, it was also perhaps the match for maintenance. The Muscatiers visitors, fully reassured about their future in R3, did not really have their heads in the game, the locals a little more. During the exam period, the young people were sent back to their beloved studies to the great happiness of Éric Miramond's men. Mèze now has a final to play against Pérols, at home on May 26.

The same for La Peyrade

This Friday, it is in Gignac that the Lapeyradois will be in an almost identical situation, but in a district. The same case, except that there will be two days remaining but only one match for the Olympians. Clearly, they are masters of their destiny but the penalty can still change the counters. They will have to challenge Baillargues after their exemption on the penultimate day. In other words, if a small chance remains, it will be reinforced in the event of victory in Gignac. The Sète reserve could pay the price for a positive update from the Lapeyradois.

Wednesday May 15:
R3 Mèze SFC/Asfac II 4-0.
This Friday at 8:15 p.m.:
D1 Gignac/O.Lapeyradois.

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