Football: “For their entire life, they have marked the history of Saint-Étienne”, savors coach Olivier Dall'Oglio

Football: "For their entire life, they have marked the history of Saint-Étienne", savors coach Olivier Dall'Oglio

The joy of the Stéphanois, who are back in L1 two years after their relegation. MAXPPP – Philippe NEU

“We put ASSE back in its place”, rejoiced coach Olivier Dall'Oglio, who expressed his “pride" to be back in L1.

“We put AS Saint-Étienne back in its place", welcomed Olivier Dall'Oglio, the coach of the Greens, who will play in Ligue 1 next season after winning the accession play-off (2-1 at the start). ;#39;go, 2-2 on the return Sunday in Metz). Led 2 to 0 despite a numerical superiority acquired from the sixth minute of play, "Sainté" reduced the score then equalized at the end of extra time (117th) to obtain his ticket for the elite, two years after having left it.

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Ups, downs, and the firmament

"This match is a bit like our season, ups, downs, twists and turns but a mental…"< /em>, commented Olivier Dall'Oglio after the meeting. "There was an alchemy in a group that gets along Alright. They talked to each other, there was an awareness."

What I'm most proud of is transforming the players

"What I am most proud of is having transformed the players, he added. For all their lives, they marked the history of Saint-Étienne."

The joy of the Saint-Etienne coach necessarily contrasted with the disillusionment of that of the Messins, Laszlo Bölöni: "In the locker room, there is sadness , the reduction", said the Romanian. "We could have led 3 to 1 with the opportunity of& ;#39;Arthur Atta, but we did not succeed, continued the Metz coach. We weren't strong enough, not intelligent enough. We made efforts but we have to admit that it was not enough. We must digest, recharge our batteries in order to be more intelligent, stronger. Life doesn't stop there."

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