Football: in Regional 1, the very big ball of the Nîmes Olympique reserve

Football: in Regional 1, the very big ball of the Nîmes Olympique reserve

Evant Noel et la réserve de Nîmes Olympique sont tombés sur un Fabrègues accrocheur. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

Régional 1/18e journée. La réserve croco a été surprise sur sa pelouse par le mal classé Fabrègues (1-2).

He had obviously dreamed of another first on the bench. Replacing Adil Hermach, promoted to the pro team, Yannick Bileck, who started the season at the head of the Nîmes U16s and will therefore end it with the crocodile reserve, missed his hazing, Saturday 20 & nbsp;April at the Bastide. His team generally missed out on their match against Fabrègues, returning to Hérault with three points (1-2) while leaving the relegation zone.

The technical sheet

Nîmes II – Made: 1-2
La Bastide (synthetic).
Half-time: 0-1.
Referee: Faissal Azargui.
Goal for Nîmes : Gourdon (79th).
Goals for Fabrègues: Naili (21st), Meschel (90th + 2).
Warnings à Nîmes : Lafhal (79th), Paget (90th).
Warnings à Fabrègues : Zaghar (68th), Besse Ngniah (79th), Naili (90th), Boumali (90th).

In this championship, the Nîmes, for their part, have other concerns than playing to maintain, fighting with five other teams for this sesame which sends them to the play-off. "We have objectives, a first place to seek", pointed out Bileck at the end of the meeting. A technician then referring to this second goal conceded in added time at the feet of Fabréguois Meschel, left too alone in the area and who adjusted Masse, the Gard goalkeeper (1-2, 90th + 2).

Nîmes is surprised by a school attack

At this moment of the match, in fact, the crocodile reserve was pushing hard to win the three points. Before taking this school cons. "There are days when you have to know not to lose the match and, there, we didn’not know how to do it", lamented the successor of a Hermach present  in the stands and giving voice.

Facing Fabrègues, a team having only won three matches in the league, against the last two (twice against Aimargues and once against Vendargues), was it an appointment made with a little complacency by of Nîmes who had only lost one match in the last fifteen ?

Sainz's risky dribble, too easy

Too easy, in any case, on a risky and, above all, missed dribble in front of the Masse cage, the Gard defender Sainz had the ball intercepted by Vernhet, who served Naili for the opening of the Fabréguoise score (0-1, 21st). El Hamri and the Crocos took a long time to recover, lacking “intensity”, Bileck conceded. Gourdon, from a direct corner and with Eole as passer, gave Nîmes a moment of hope (1-1, 79th).

It was, however, Fabrègues who succeeded in the big operation of the day. Nîmes, with Lunel's draw at Uzès (2-2), had missed the opportunity to be sole leader, while waiting for Aigues-Mortes &ndash ; Narbonne, this Sunday April 21. Be careful not to regret it in the end.

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