Football: in the Gard-Lozère District, a book has been closed

Football: in the Gard-Lozère District, a book has been closed

Fernand D'Anna entouré de Vincent Nolorgues et Francis Anjolras. DISTRICT GARD-LOZERE – DANIEL OLIVET

Après 44 ans en poste, l’emblématique président Francis Anjolras s’est retiré, passant la main à Fernand D’Anna. Sorte de changement… dans la continuité.

This is what we call an absolute majority. With 76.26% of voters for and 23.74% against, Fernand D’Anna, 67, was officially elected, this Saturday morning, to the presidency of the Gard-Lozère District, succeeding the emblematic Francis Anjolras, 88 years old, including forty-four years in office. ''Francis Anjolras is the record holder for mandates, with eleven, relates, amazed, Vincent Nolorgues, president of the Amateur Football League . He is someone who inspires me with a lot of respect and admiration. These are the kind of people who have given part of their lives to football, to team sport, which is above all a school of life.''

In photo with Simonet, Vautrot, Champ… Bécaud

In one of the lounges of the C Suites hotel, in Nîmes, a book on the History of the Gard-Lozère District is displayed. is therefore closed. What can I say, volumes. Francis Anjolras will have known almost everything in the world of amateur football, and met almost everyone from all walks of life in football.  Proof in images with this video montage broadcast after the symbolic handover between the & rsquo;ex and the future (see box).

We can see the Grand-Combien by birth alongside Claude Simonet, former president of the FFF, Michel Vautrot, reference in French arbitration in the 80s, Patrick Champ, historical figure of NO – member of the district office (16 people including 6 women) – and even… Gilbert Bécaud.

''Fernand knows that he can count on my advice''

''It's a certain emotion, obviously, but I'm leaving calm because it's my team that remains in place'', assures Francis Anjolras. Sort of a change in continuity: ''Fernand is passionate about football. The advantage he has is that he has been preparing for it for a year. And even if I'm gone, he knows he can count on my advice.''

In the corridors of the Gard-Lozère District, rue Séguier, the face of Fernand D’Anna has become familiar, eleven years of presence within the body. In the offices too, the faces remain well-known. You don't change a winning team.

Elected until 2028

''The most important thing for me is that I have a group around me that is very efficient& ;#39;', notes, gratefully, the new president. A successor elected until 2028 already comfortable in his new functions: ''In terms of emotions, that's fine, he doesn't& rsquo;there is none, we had time to prepare.'' And not forgetting anyone when thanking you, hint of irony: ''Thank you to everyone who voted for me and thank you to everyone who didn’vote for me…''< /em>

Fernand D’Anna: ''Thank you for his 44 years of dedication to our Gard-Lozère District

SUCCESSION – ''Thank you for these 44 years of dedication to our District Gard-Lozère'', said Fernand D’Anna towards his predecessor. The new strong man of the body has been preparing for his new role for a year: ''Francis began to hand me the keys to the house.'' The dwelling will be well guarded, and no one will be left outside. ''Vincent (Nolorgues) knows it: Lozère, we keep it (big burst of laughter) !'', teases Francis Anjolras. To which the president of the LFA responded, no less relaxed: ''I am myself the son of Lozérien. So, rest easy…''

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