Football: suspicion, suspension and trap in the Regional 1 championship

Football: suspicion, suspension and trap in the Regional 1 championship

Dans un duel entre deux candidats au maintien, Bagnols-Pont avait battu Fabrègues le 10 février dernier (4-1). MIDI LIBRE – ERIC DOLADILLE

Double affair in Regional 1 Occitanie football: the Gard clubs of Bagnols-Pont-Saint-Esprit and Uzès are demanding justice.

As the football season comes to an end and the senior regional championships were to have their epilogue at the end of the maintenance play-offs, two painful affairs have come to compromise their smooth running.

After the 7-2 from Fabrègues to Béziers, complaint from Uzès and hearing

On May 26, the victory with the unusual score of 7-2 from Fabrègues (thus, 8th and saved with 24 points) to Béziers (7th, 30 pts) during the 22nd and final day of Regional 1 a led to a complaint from ESP Uzès (10th and relegated, 21 pts), collateral victim of this “derby” Héraultais. If in Béziers we declare ourselves "surprised by these allegations and totally serene (Midi Libre of June 4)"  ; on the ducal side, we cry injustice on the grounds that sporting fairness has been violated within the meaning of article 207 of the general regulations of the French Football Federation (FFF).

Sportingly demoted to R2, the club of President Ahmed Maharzi intends not to stop there and assert its rights with determination: "All light must be shed on such maneuvers flouting sporting fairness by providing justice to the injured clubs". According to our information, the Uzetian leaders will be interviewed by the Ligue Occitanie next week.

In any case, the speed with which the competent committee took up the matter could indicate that it has in its possession evidence against the two clubs Héraultais.

L’Union Saint-Jean – Bagnols-Pont, second case and suspended maintenance dams

Especially since a second disciplinary case concerning the progress of the barrage of FC Bagnols-Pont (9th in the end, 23 pts) at Union Saint-Jean disputed on June 1 (0-2) splashes regional football. The rest of the play-offs, initially postponed, were suspended pending future decisions from the League. The FCBP will therefore not host Pibrac this Saturday, June 8.

The FCBP coach, Loïc Lefèvre, says: "About twenty of us arrived on site, players and staff included. The stadium was empty. When we left the locker room for the warm-up, more than 300 people were waiting for us with smoke bombs and loudspeakers to intimidate us with provocations, insults and spitting which continued throughout the match. Our players were unable to fairly defend their chances in such a climate of hostility".

A crazy championship, a crazy outcome ?

Regulations Commission, Competition Management and Discipline Commission: it is in the offices of the Occitanie Football League that this intense R1 Languedoc-Roussillon group will finally deliver its verdict.

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