Football: the amateur world against racism and anti-Semitism

Football: the amateur world against racism and anti-Semitism

Football: the amateur world against racism and anti-Semitism

Presentation of pennants between Nîmes and Vendarguois. Club – Occitanie League

On the occasion of the national week against racism and anti-Semitism, the Ligue d’Occitanie and its clubs have decided to get involved.

If we sometimes tend to only see football through the sole sporting prism, thus forgetting all the social and educational virtues that we find on a daily basis in amateur clubs, the Ligue d’Occitanie is regularly committed to promoting and promoting all these values.

Personalized pennants

Issues perfectly symbolized by the latest action implemented in recent days across the four corners of the region. As part of the week against racism and anti-Semitism, organized throughout France from March 18 to 24, the regional body decided to buy and send pennants for some 170 clubs and 210 teams represented in the senior regional championships. Pennants which then had to be personalized by the young licensees of the Occitanie clubs with slogans, colors or even emoticons around this theme of the fight against inequalities.

Like the young Antoine, licensed in the U7 category at Nîmes Olympique, whose pennant was presented by Selmane El Hamri, the captain of the Crocodiles reserve, to his Vendarguois counterpart during the Regional 1 meeting between both training courses. "It’it was important for us to participate in this national week as part of the #BonMatch system, which was precisely created to promote all these social and educational actions , explains Fabien Barbier, communications and marketing manager within the regional body. Several clubs played the game. I am thinking in particular of Monoblet, Vergèze and Nîmes Olympique. I hope that we will be able to do even better in the future, but if we have been able to raise awareness among several clubs and their licensees, that is already very good."

Fight against homophobia

And it’s not going to be over anytime soon. Beyond its action against racism and anti-Semitism, the Ligue d’Occitanie will commit itself in the coming weeks to the fight against homophobia. All senior teams participating in the regional championships will be given bibs specially dedicated to this campaign.

The third edition of Tifofoot, for which clubs are invited to create benevolent banners, has also been renewed since the beginning of this week and will reward twelve clubs in the region.

Actions whose sole ambition is to promote all that football can offer. Far, very far from the evils that sometimes strike amateur football and its clubs.

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