Football: this Sunday, it’s minimum service for the Thau clubs

Football: this Sunday, it’s minimum service for the Thau clubs

Villeveyrac en D2 ? C’est presque fait. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Seules trois équipes vont jouer en District ce 14 avril.

Sunday, the D1 championship will be on display, we will play the 22nd day, out of the 26 in the calendar.  Of the three representatives of Thau, two teams with a still uncertain future will seek to take points against very different opponents.

The Sète reserve of Sporting will move to one of the candidates for promotion to R3. A team from Biterrois which is waging a fierce fight for first place in Baillargues. The task of Sébastien Saez's "Vert et blanc" will not be easy for the current leader. Still experiencing difficulties in terms of strength, the group should benefit, in this match, from more consistent support than usual.

Imperative victory

For the Lapeyradois, the debate seems more affordable, especially since it is on its home ground that the Olympique must convince that its place must remain in the departmental elite, the season next. The program will be very difficult with meetings with the first three in the ranking. For the men of the Besse-Etienne duo, this is the match that must be won. Olympique and Sporting are keeping an eye on the bottom of the rankings of groups A and B of R3, the Hérault clubs are in a bad position.

Another team affected by an update in D3, US Villeveyrac. On this occasion, the men of the De Felice-Moureaux duo could celebrate their rise to the next level. The “Green and Black", with four days to go, can put themselves out of reach, quite a performance.

This Sunday at 3 p.m.:
Puissalicon-Magalas/SC Sète II,
Ol. Lapeyradois/Petit-Bard II,
Montagnac/US Villeveyrac,
Pointe-Courte AC exempt. I subscribe to read more

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