Foundation stone for the Mauguio multidisciplinary health center

Foundation stone for the Mauguio multidisciplinary health center

Pose de première pierre symbolique pour la future maison de santé pluridisciplinaire et la future résidence Origine. DR

The first stone was more of a brick, all symbolic, but the important event: the project to create a multidisciplinary health center is taking shape, in the new district of  la Font de Mauguio.

The objective, rue Marguerite-Yourcenar, is an opening in two years, for these "small emergencies" Melgoriennes which will open on the ground floor of a more global real estate project, led by the Arcade group. On the health side, Mauguio and its 17,000 inhabitants do not constitute a medical desert strictly speaking, but the need to take into account the high demand for care, the aging of the doctors currently in place and that of’ nbsp;remain attractive for a good renewal of caregivers were the driving force behind this initiative.


"We already have in Mauguio a good practice of the coordinated exercise of care", analyzes the pharmacist Xavier Magne. "This good understanding has allowed us to face, with the help of elected officials and the ARS, the health challenges of Covid, by setting up a center for screening then vaccination. Then two years ago, during the emergency crisis, we set up an on-call medical center, to respond on site to needs on weekends and public holidays."

Installed in a municipal building, the medical center on call will be intended to move to this new location, which will operate seven days a week, and will have a technical imaging platform (radio, MRI, scanner) as well as as well as an analysis laboratory and specialist consultations. "The Regional Health Agency supported us and we had, in June 2023, the approval of the then Minister of Health François Braun who visited us ", details Xavier Magne. The State was in fact very interested in this project which, at the gates of the metropolis of Montpellier, should make it possible to relieve hospital emergency cases by responding to a demand from a large population.

39 housing units by the end of 2025

On this Zac Font de Mauguio, Arcade VYV Promotion, in co-promotion with the companyété local public body L’Or Autre, has designed the Origine residence which will be made up of 39 accommodations, from T2 to T4 (from 44 to 118 m 2 ) whose terraces will overlook the natura zone 2 000.

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