French Cup. “We have to take this match with the desire to have a title”, demands Diego Simonet before MHB – PSG in the semi-final

French Cup. “We have to take this match with the desire to have a title”, demands Diego Simonet before MHB – PSG in the semi-final

Diego Simonet and the MHB host PSG this Wednesday. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Returned from injury and now at 100%, Argentinian and MHB center-half Diego Simonet is expecting a big match from himself and his teammates before facing PSG in the semi-final of the French Handball Cup, this Wednesday March 20 at the Sud de France Arena (9:10 p.m.).

You are coming back from injury, how are you feeling mentally and physically ?

Good, very good indeed! I had a little problem with an ischio tendon. I could have continued but it was risky so the medical staff decided to stop me for two weeks. But when you stop for two weeks, you miss five matches in that period (laughs). It was just a small problem, it's fine now, my head too. I have a lot of desire to finish this season very well, that’s the most important thing for me. We are all here in full force, which is very good because the important matches will arrive very quickly.

You are the one who has undoubtedly played the most matches against PSG in the Cup. What is the magic recipe?

The attitude, the desire and the activity that we will put in, especially in defense. Because if you let them play, if you don't move too much, that's when they are machines. Whether physically or tactically. Whereas if you put a little doubt into their attacks, that’s what they’re not used to. Toulouse did it, Zagreb too, us when we beat them last year. You have to take this match with the desire to have a title.

Do you prefer to play these kinds of high-stakes matches?

Yes it’s very good but I also like playing away matches with not much desire from the team. I like to play everything and it's my guilty pleasure because I give everything, all the time, and I get tired or injured. But if there are ten players who play well, we can do it.

When there are Prandi, Steins, Syprzak in front, how do we face so many dangers ?

As I said, a lot of activity. I can't say what we plan to do during the match (laughs). But we must not let them get started because otherwise that’s where they are most dangerous. You will have to be concentrated because if the defensive withdrawal is poorly done or a player is out of place by one centimeter in defense, that's where they go benefit. And we will pay dearly for it. We must not lose too many balls with passing either. We'll have to be able to shoot because that's where they're surgical when they recover the balloons.

Were last season's victories against Paris a trigger for you ?

Yes, it helps a lot, because we can tell ourselves that we can beat them when we add the ingredients. So it reassures you and gives you confidence to play a big match.

Isn't MHB more dangerous in this type of match where he has nothing to lose, like in Barcelona for example? ?

Against Barcelona we played against a big team, we let go and we were daring. It’s a word that I like and that we need to use all the time. Not that in a match where there are not many issues, even when there are, we have to produce this game and everyone has to trust.

Can this MHB beat anyone?

Yes we showed it with Barcelona, ​​we have already beaten Paris too. If we are bold and play loose and confident, we can beat anyone and go far.

What does this go through ?

Everyone does what they can. But that comes a lot with age. At the beginning, I didn't have it but then you regret not letting go during important matches. So you learn a lot from that and it’s important for our young, very good players who must also dare.

Is it good to have young people behind you to provide a little competition?

I love it because it gives a lot more rotations. Especially since we play two big matches per week each time, not like in Spain or Hungary. All matches are 120% because you can get caught by the teams at the bottom of the table.

Have you been surprised by these young players who are very good this season, like Monte in Barcelona ?

No because I see them all the time. I remember that, when Bryan Monte was 18, I wanted him to come and play here, I spoke to David Degouy about it. I'm not surprised, but what's important, in a club like Montpellier, is regularity.

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