French decathlon hopeful, Agathois Antoine Ferranti struck a big blow in Greece

French decathlon hopeful, Agathois Antoine Ferranti struck a big blow in Greece

A great 2nd place and a broken record for the athlete from Agatha. D.R.

The athlete licensed at the Athletic Club des Pays d'Agde has just smashed his personal best during a meeting in Milos, where he placed 2nd. He thus achieved the 4th best European performance of the year in his under-23 category.

Do you know any of them, Agathois athletes of international level who do not benefit from the support of any sponsor ? We, yes : Antoine Ferranti.

7,757 points, new record for Antoine

Returned a few months ago to the Athletic Club des Pays d’Agde, chaired by his dad Jean-Paul, coached by his mother Audrey after a break marred by injuries at Creps de Boulouris, he launched his season in the most beautiful way last weekend in Greece, in Milos, in the Cyclades, during an international athletics meeting during which he beat his personal best by reaching 7,757 points (for comparison, Kévin Mayer's world record is 9,126 points, Editor's note). A "promising return" for Antoine, 21 years old, who ranks him in the four best European performances of the year in the under-23 category.

The 2025 European Championships in the viewfinder

After this coup, the decathlete from Agatha will participate this summer in several other international meetings: "In Sweden, Poland and I’ would like to finish with the Décastar of Talence, in September", ambitions the young man, who would meet the elite of the discipline in Gironde, a few weeks after the Paris Olympic Games. A great opportunity to benchmark yourself against the best specialists in the most demanding of athletics disciplines, since it has ten events to complete in just two days of competition.

Antoine will use these new ambitions to plan a preparation that will lead him towards the European Under-23 Championships, which will take place in Norway at the end of the year. ;summer 2025, a major objective for him.

His results in Milos: 11’’51 in the 100 m; 6.97 m in length; 13.79 m in the shot put (new personal best); 2.02 m at height, 50’’36 at 400 m, 14’’88 at 110 m hurdles; 42.97 m in the discus (new personal best), 4.40 m in the pole vault, 60.43 m in the javelin (new personal best) and 4’21’’52 in the 1,500 mr.

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