From workshops to conferences, “Nîmes, well-being destination” will provide the keys to taking care of yourself

From workshops to conferences, “Nîmes, well-being destination” will provide the keys to taking care of yourself

De nombreux ateliers proposés, comme l’an dernier, sur l’Esplanade, pour cette seconde édition de “Nîmes, destination bien-être.” Midi Libre – Archive Edith Lefranc

Conférences, ateliers interactifs, défi sportif et balades thématiques au programme de samedi 1er juin sur l’Esplanade.

After a successful first edition, the ’Nîmes, wellness destination" will offer Saturday June 1st, mainly on the Esplanade, more interactive workshops, 93 in total, 14 mini-conferences on the themes of health and sport in order to give the keys to take care of yourself. A second edition "with a special spirit during a beautiful day where we will get information, be advised by health professionals&quot ;, according to health assistant Dolorès Orlay-Moureau.

Here are the expected highlights under the sponsorship of starred chef Jérôme Nutile and Nîmes triple jumper Jean-Marc Pontvianne, logical in this Olympic year!

Sports challenge

The event offers the opportunity to exercise a little during the sporting challenge which will allow you to total 750 km at the end of the day, the destination between Nîmes and its twin Italian city Verona . In partnership with N2S and Nîmes sport santé, as well as Décathlon, participants will be able to cover 1 km by rowing, pedaling, running, which will allow them to pay 1 euro each time. to the League Against Cancer.

Theme walks

The public will not remain inactive during "Nîmes, well-being destination" since  two-hour thematic and commented walks will be offered: "Nîmes en culture", "Nîmes secret and mysterious", "Nîmes flavors&quot ;, "Nîmes gym and good humor", "Nîmes and the water". Dominique Lacambra, elected representative in charge of healthy sports, made mouths water by recently explaining that the walk on the theme of flavors will evoke Nîmes pâtés, Nadal coffees and other surprises. "Food and health are linked. I share my experience elsewhere at the University Hospital so that there are balanced meals served to the sick", indicates one of the sponsors of the event Jérôme Nutile .

Casual on the tatami

Dolorès Orlay-Moureau specifies that casual dress is recommended to fully enjoy the events at the event. On the tatami, many initiations will be offered. We will notably remember good humor gym, health boxing, Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 6-12 year olds to name just these examples. To discover Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  30.

Conferences on three sites

Numerous one-hour conferences will address very varied health themes such as sleep, emotional and sexual life, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, management care of chronic pain in the office room, rue de la Trésorerie, next to the Town Hall. The City was able to rely on the medical staff of the Nîmes University Hospital.

Other conferences will discuss the theme of well-being. At the Colombus café, we will talk in particular about the parent-child relationship, stress management, without forgetting the theater forum on the use of cell phones, social networks with keys to dialogue between parents and adolescents . At the Palace, the public will learn about Ayurveda, but also about still meditation and losing weight with neuroscience.

"Nîmes, well-being destination" Saturday June 1, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on the Esplanade. I subscribe to read more

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