Gang rape, mutilation and “sexualized” torture: the UN confirms the atrocity of the crimes committed by Hamas

Gang rape, mutilation and “sexualized” torture: the UN confirms the atrocity of the crimes committed by Hamas

A memorial to Hamas victims on October 7 in Israel. MAXPPP – Nir Alon

A United Nations report documents the horror of the crimes committed by the terrorist group in Israel on October 7.

ONN has just confirmed: Hamas committed atrocious sexual crimes during the October 7 attacks.

Based on information gathered “from multiple and independent sources, there is good reason to believe that conflict-related sexual violence took place during the war. October 7 attack (in Israel) at several locations on the outskirts of Gaza, including rape and gang rape, in at least three locations", including the Tribe festival site of Nova in Réïm, note the United Nations in a report published Monday.

"Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment"

According to the UN, even if these crimes were not systematic, there exist "clear and convincing information that some have suffered various forms of conflict-related sexual violence, including rape and sexualized torture, as well as sexualized cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment".

Investigators have already collected"more than 1,500 testimonies explained, last December, a police officer, interviewed in the Israeli Parliament.

"Cut breasts, genitals bearing gunshot wounds"

During a parliamentary hearing, a witness was cited reporting gunshot wounds to the "genitals, in the’ abdomen, legs and buttocks, cut breasts or bullet wounds.

Cases of women or minors found dead, partially naked after having suffered sexual violence have been recorded, as have numerous gang rapes.

Sexual violence is still ongoing"

"We have good reason to believe that such violence is still ongoing" à Gaza, where hostages are still being held, said Pramila Patten, UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict.

Negotiations to try to obtain a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages continued on Tuesday, after two days without decisive progress.

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