Gard: tourism professionals shop at the leaflet exchange

Gard: tourism professionals shop at the leaflet exchange

Bourse aux dépliants à Nîmes : l’évènement annuel des professionnels du tourisme – Jenny Bernard

La Bourse aux dépliants, à destination des professionnels du tourisme et organisée par Gard tourisme, s’est tenue mardi au parc expo de Nîmes. L’occasion pour les différents représentants de se rencontrer et d’échanger pour préparer la prochaine saison touristique.

This Tuesday, March 26, tourist offices, institutions and representatives of tourist sites in the Gard and neighboring departments met in Nîmes for the 22nd leaflet exchange reserved for them. In the aisles of the exhibition center, the carts were kings, loaded little by little with boxes which then reached the four corners of the territory.

Organized by Gard Tourisme and in the presence of Xavier Douais, deputy delegate for tourism, the event was held for the first time in Nîmes. The opportunity for nearly 150 representatives of the sector to publicize their activity or tourist offers through the exchange of leaflets and brochures. The opinion is unanimous, the principle is c’ ;rsquo;is to be able to exchange. This event remains privileged because even if tourists obtain information mainly on the internet, for the Cévennes tourisme tourist office, "the French people are always faithful to brochures.

A tourist offer that has been able to adapt

"Even if the summer season remains the main vacation period, tourists have changed the way they travel since the health crisis of Covid, explains Sandrine Rieutor, general director of Gard Tourisme. They leave more often, more frequently and less far and make tourism stakeholders work all year round. With a record attendance of 10 million tourists in 2022, "the Gard tourist offer has adapted with experiences to discover  depending on the different destinations Camargue, Cévennes, Provence, Nîmes Pont du Gard and Mediterranean and the desire for more authentic things like meeting the locals ". For the director, tourists are also more sensitive to sustainable and eco-responsible offers. This pushes professionals to adopt the approach of the Ademe Ecological Transition Agency, which supports the sector in this transformation.

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