Georges Brassens Trophy: discover the big winner of the 2024 edition!

Georges Brassens Trophy: discover the big winner of the 2024 edition!

La finale du concours s'est déroulée ce mercredi 13 mars au conservatoire Manitas de Plata de Sète. MIDI LIBRE

The final of the singing competition took place this Wednesday March 13 at the Manitas de Plata de Sète conservatory.

This Wednesday March 13, the final of the 2024 Georges Brassens Trophy at the Sète conservatory was a celebration of music, highlighting new emerging talents in front of a packed house. Among the five competing artists, Phanee de Pool was able to capture the hearts of the jury with a remarkable performance, thus winning the prestigious Georges Brassens Trophy. His talent and stage presence captivated the audience, earning him well-deserved recognition.

For her part, Camille Laîly also shone by seducing the audience with a captivating performance, thus winning the Audience Award. Her charisma touched the audience, making her an artist to follow closely.

Twice as many Brassens Trophy at the Théâtre de la Mer

Faced with the difficulty of deciding between Phanee de Pool and Camille Laîly, the jury made an exceptional decision by offering them both the opportunity to perform at the Festival When I think of Fernande in the opening act at the prestigious Théâtre de la Mer in Sète.

Finally, the Plume d'Or was awarded to Bartleby for his remarkable talent as a singer-songwriter. His unique artistic universe charmed the jury, ensuring him a place of choice among the winners of this edition of the Georges Brassens competition.

Tribute to Paul-Éric Laurès

A poignant tribute was also paid to Paul-Éric Laurès, this journalist passionate about music who orchestrates concerts at the Manitas De Platas conservatory. Under the kind words of Marie Brune, president of the Georges Brassens Club, and those of Frank Villemejeanne's students, a moving video was shown in honor of Paul-Éric Laurès. His fervent commitment, symbolized in particular by his t-shirts bearing the slogan “music should be reimbursed by Social Security”, supported by the Feeling in Occitanie association, was warmly welcomed.< /p>

For Marie Brune, "whether through the emergence of new talents or the dedication of music enthusiasts like Paul-Éric Laurès, it It is crucial to recognize and support the importance of music in our lives, as it transcends boundaries and nourishes our humanity."

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