Good attendance for the blood drive

Good attendance for the blood drive

Le don du sang du 2 au 4 juillet. Marilyn Beaufour

316 personnes dont 13 nouveaux se sont déplacés pour donner leur sang du 2 au 4 juillet.

A real success, the result of the alliance between the IFS (French Blood Institute), the fifteen volunteers of the association Les Amicalistes (Amicale des Donneurs de sang bénévoles du Saint-Affricain).

“I was afraid of a sharp drop in donations, given the change of location. In connection with the legislative elections, the donation took place at the Caveau and not at the Salle des fêtes as usual, relates Virginie Blaquière, the president of the Amicalistes, she adds, this year we had the support of two associations, Virpama’Dégaine – a climbing club – and the Saint-Affrique Racing Team, the association organizing the Rallye du Pays Saint-Affricain".

The two organizations came up with a photo contest. The idea was to put yourself in a scene either in front of a car or in front of a lectern for climbing. The winners will take away… surprises.

On site, six nurses take care of the reception and the samples and two multi-skilled reception agents also and the snack. Because it is advisable to drink and eat afterwards, especially drink. To avoid waiting, the best thing to do is to make an appointment online at Next dates, from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 October, mark your calendars!

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