Gunshot on the island of Thau in Sète: the wanted shooter

Gunshot on the island of Thau in Sète: the wanted shooter

L’île de Thau a été le théâtre ce vendredi 12 avril de nouvelles violences. ILLUSTRATION Midi Libre – EVA TISSOT

The Thau Island district was once again disrupted in broad daylight by a gunshot this Friday, April 12. There were no injuries.

In the middle of the afternoon on the island of Thau, this Friday, April 12, a detonation set the neighborhood in turmoil. Around 3:30 p.m., the Sète municipal police received a call from a local resident to report a gunshot coming from the roundabout near the Malraux media library. The national police immediately deployed to the scene, supported by Bac crews. Once there, officials dispersed the small, agitated crowd that had formed, to be able to secure the area. No suspect could be identified at this time. The police did not observe any injuries.

A suspect with a long gun

Once the danger had passed, the investigators then established a security perimeter to begin their investigative work. The first findings of the technical and scientific police made it possible to find several shell casings. No bullet holes were noted. According to our information, the first elements of the investigation indicate a shooter equipped with a long weapon. He would be wanted after having fled by car.

The trail of an act of intimidation

The possibility of an act of intimidation seems favored. It could be part of the struggle between several groups for domination of the neighborhood's deal points. On January 9, a man was injured by a gun on Place de la Seinchole, a few meters from the media library roundabout.

If the security perimeter was lifted this Friday, after several hours of investigation, the police presence was maintained on site.

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