Handball: fate befalls Frontignan, deprived of victory in Nancy after an incredible end to the match

Handball: fate befalls Frontignan, deprived of victory in Nancy after an incredible end to the match

Battus 38-37 ce vendredi, les Frontignanais ont vécu une fin de match invraisemblable. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

À Nancy, ce vendredi 3 mai, les arbitres ont été décisifs en oubliant deux fautes grossières sur la dernière action.

Once, although it can cause serious headaches and legitimate frustration, it can be considered that it can happen. Twice in three matches, however, is starting to add up to a lot.

For their second trip in a row, the Frontignan handball players returned to Muscat lands with the terrible feeling of having been cheated. Deprived once again of a victory (at worst a draw) which held out their arms to them.

In Istres, a fortnight earlier, Adria Leon's shot was supposed to offer victory to the FTHB, the ball having crossed the line within the allotted time. Different opinion of the arbitration body. It must be admitted that the decision was difficult to make without the video. On the other hand, there is no need for images and slow motion, this Friday in Nancy, to make at least one good decision…

No need for slow motion

While the scoreboard showed 37-37, Frontignan delivered his last offensive assault to snatch the victory. It was there, in these last eighteen seconds, that the two teams found themselves left to their own devices. The rules of the game had just returned to the locker room.

In front of the zone, Anthony Laurens was tackled to the ground (the Frontignan jerseys are definitely strong). A gross error which obviously escaped no one, except the refereeing body. No seven-meter throw, therefore, as the Muscatiers could have hoped.

But that’s not all. Bilel Karray then had the ball snatched from his hands (still no whistle…hellip;) by a Nancy who, from his camp, then offered victory to his team.

We will overlook the fact that the ball had not yet crossed the line at the time of the buzzer. The two previous blackouts had already done enough damage…

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