Handball: Frontignan THB, history maker never short of inspiration

Handball: Frontignan THB, history maker never short of inspiration

Supporters, joueurs et dirigeants, tous unis derrière le même maillot, ont vécu une soirée irrationnelle. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Porté par un public exceptionnel, le groupe d’Asier Antonio défie toute logique. Sa victoire de ce vendredi 26 avril face à Billère (30-29) en témoigne.

Reason has long since left the ranks of Frontignan Thau Handball. This team has no equal when it comes to inventing incredible stories, with Asier Antonio at the pen and players whose “Black and Gold” ink never runs dry.

Alexander, the great

A week earlier, she left Istres with her pockets full of frustration, Adria Leon's last-second goal should have given her the victory… This Friday, she took her revenge on fate and pushed Ferrari into unprecedented madness. Ayhan Alexandre, five seconds from the end, was still in his camp. In relay with Romain Tesio, he rushed, cleared a defender and sent a missile into Billère's goal. For the first time in the second half, FTHB was ahead (30-29). Right as the buzzer sounded. The rest is club history. Supporters, players, managers entered into a crazy dance, symbol of the unity that reigns around this jersey.

Handball: Frontignan THB, history maker never short of inspiration

Ayhan Alexandre, the hero. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

And this goal, full of rage and determination, perfectly illustrates the state of mind of Asier Antonio’s troops. No matter the storm, the ship moves forward. The coach, who never stops asking his players to live this adventure to the fullest and until the end, couldn't ask for better. He who, throughout the match, moved in all directions like the player he was not so long ago.

An extra soul

No doubt he, too, was carried away by this extra soul, having come to interfere in the equation after a rumor that had spread through the ranks of supporters, reporting of a possible impediment to playing in the play-offs due to unpaid debts with the NHL. A risk which, in any case, was ruled out this weekend with the settlement of the club's commitment debt. Bad news for the competitors in the race for the playoffs.

Long live sport

Handball: Frontignan THB, history maker never short of inspiration

Joris Machard and Anthony Laurens celebrate, among the supporters. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

The story written by so many hands is therefore delicious. And it’s not finished! This match will indeed not be the last of these valiant Frontignanais at Ferrari this season. The FTHB, for the second consecutive year, will compete in the playoffs. The Antonio, Mesnard and other Alexandre will be entitled to farewell to the supporters acquired through the sweat of their brow. Now sixth, they still have two games (in Nancy and Cherbourg) to finish, at best, in fourth place. A rank that they would occupy today without the withdrawal of three points made by the CNACG. And this round-trip play-off for the Final Four will be played, whatever happens, against an opponent they have already beaten (Istres without the refereeing error, Sélestat or Cherbourg) .

The obstacles have multiplied this season but the FTHB has overcome them all with panache. The only truth comes from the ground. As pack leader Anthony Laurens repeats over and over again (unless it's someone else): « Long live sport on Antenne 2! ».

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