He ends his hunger strike and leaves Sérignan

He ends his hunger strike and leaves Sérignan

The situation is starting to unravel for the former soldier. – V.O.

Stéphane Blanchys has been on hunger strike since January 20. His objective: to make himself heard by the authorities and the justice system so that he can have the right to see his son Thomas, whom he has not met since 2015. This weekend, so, seeing his situation getting better, he decided to eat again.

Stéphane Blanchys is eating again. He had been on hunger strike since January 20, his action intended to be heard by the judicial authorities. He fights for the right to see his son Thomas again. He has not met him since 2015. This weekend, seeing his situation unblock somewhat, the former soldier and ex-Customs official therefore made the decision to stop his ordeal. He will only eat sparingly. 

A restricted suspension of the strike

He explains it in a letter that he sent to the prefect of Tarn, being from Albi. He writes, among other things, "I inform you of the restricted suspension of my hunger strike action (…) I mean by restricted suspension the fact that I eat in a limited way' nbsp;in order to stay at the weight I am currently at, namely 55 kg(….). I am in no way seeking to seriously endanger my health but just to make myself heard (…) Now that serious commitments have been made by certain authorities or people, the total maintenance of my hunger strike is no longer necessary. makes more sense. In the event of no response or responses contrary to my requests and expectations, I will resume, without the slightest hesitation, my movement on March 25."

Financial assistance

It was seeing the General Directorate of Veterans and the National Office for Combatants and Victims of War working in his favor that he therefore decided to eat: "I received financial assistance from them which will allow me to wait for the results soon&nbsp ;a little more serenely, explains Stéphane Blanchys who left Sérignan on Monday to join Villeveyrac and no longer sleeps in his car. I' was temporarily welcomed by Michel Cottignies, of the National Union of Combatants."

Among his efforts, Friday March 15, Stéphane Blanchys will have a telephone meeting with the deputy chief of staff of Patricia Miralles, Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs.< /p>

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