He had threatened Emmanuel Macron on TikTok: a one-year suspended prison sentence for the thirty-year-old from Cruzy

He had threatened Emmanuel Macron on TikTok: a one-year suspended prison sentence for the thirty-year-old from Cruzy

Le tribunal a aussi demandé au prévenu de soigner son addiction à l'alcool. Midi Libre – PIERRE SALIBA

Le trentenaire originaire de Cruzy, qui avait proféré des menaces de mort regrette son geste, mais il pense que la situation de la France est "désespérée".

"I came home from work, I was tired, in a rage, I had been drinking, admits the defendant… I fought with Macron on Tik Tok, I regret." It's not every day that on the role of the Béziers court, the name which is printed opposite the victim section, for acts of death threats, is the one… by Emmanuel Macron.

This Wednesday, March 27, it was the author of these threats who was summoned: a 36-year-old man with a heavily tattooed face, born in Brazil and adopted in France, living in Cruzy, who quietly waited for her audience all afternoon with her friend. On February 14, he was arrested at his home after broadcasting threats against the President of the Republic, via the social network TikTok. Videos, and a very explicit message: "I am ready to turn it on if someone is ready to finance me to see it dead and the money will be redistributed to all the French!!!"

Presented to the judge, released under judicial supervision, he reoffended between February 18 and 19 with other messages, this time hostile to the forces of the l’ order and to “macronists”. On one of them there was a poster for a film featuring a man with a hidden face, described as a “sniper on the loose”. ;, armed with two assault rifles and posing in front of corpses, with the following comment: "The hunt for macronists is on !" 33 000 views in two days.

"We don'gold"

"Anger, once, okay, but the first questioning doesn't calm you down, you do it again, observes the judge. You put a photo of Mesrine on social networks, saying that if he were still alive there wouldn't be many Macronists left, you are making montages, it's not spontaneous. Either way, it sounds like thoughtful remarks." The response of the accused, who risks 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros, then becomes more political ;: "My anger is the situation in France. We don't live on gold, we only have 5 euros left to end the month, there is a lot of indifference. I have lived in France for thirty years and have never seen this country so desperate." Pushed by his lawyer, he cites the name of the man who could bring "a glimmer of hope" : "Jordan Bardella".

"We are faced with a poor worker, not necessarily educated, a sort of yellow vest, who targeted the president, continues Master Gaucelm Desbrières.  His client works a few hours a day with a landscaper, he cannot even buy back the telephone that was confiscated from him, he travels by bus due to lack of a car, n’ has more than one euro… "A poor worker, just someone at home on his phone", concludes the defender. And while he has already been tried five times for traffic offenses, theft, and damage, that was the majority time under the influence of alcohol.

Arguments which were heard in part by the court which sentenced him to a one-year suspended prison sentence, with an obligation to treat his addiction. &quot ;And the SIM card, can I get it back ?", he asks. He leaves with his friend, but without a SIM card, towards Cruzy.

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