“He pretended to be the boss of Airbus”: for months, a crook has been able to scam travelers at the airport

“He pretended to be the boss of Airbus”: for months, a crook has been able to scam travelers at the airport

L’escroc ose même prendre le numéro de téléphone des personnes qu'il arnaque pour les appeler avant de bloquer les numéros. MAXPPP – REMY GABALDA

À l’aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac, un arnaqueur a joué des tours à de nombreux voyageurs. Un individu se faisant passer pour un cadre de l’aéronautique aurait déjà dupé plusieurs personnes.

At Toulouse Blagnac airport, for several months, a man has been scamming travelers with disconcerting ease. The individual generally always invents the same story  : returning from a business trip, he lost his wallet and then asked the passengers to advance them a small sum of money in return for his help in carrying the luggage. He then assures his victims that he will make a transfer to reimburse without delay.

"We were in a big hurry, so ultimately quite vulnerable. As soon as we got out of the car, an elegantly dressed man approached to speak to us. He was very confident and spoke very skillfully", explains one of the victims in the columns of La Dépêche.

"He’s been around for a long time"

"I fell into the trap. He claimed it was only around thirty euros. He pretended to be an executive from a large company. Given the way he spoke, you could see that his speech was well rehearsed. He’is a professional scammer", pursues the victim.

Confident of his move, the scammer even dares to take the phone number of the people he is scamming to call them before blocking the numbers. "I was told that he even posed as the boss of Airbus or that he also acted near certain stores" , details the victim interviewed by our colleagues from La Dépêche."He has been raging for a long time. I met him last August there. He helped me load my suitcase, even explains an Internet user.

"Each time, he asks for a small amount so that he can put gas or pay for his ticket. People do not file complaints because they only lose a few dozen euros. It’s a shame, because it encourages us to trust less", she laments.

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