Hello la Tech: a third day for the local innovation ecosystem

Hello la Tech: a third day for the local innovation ecosystem

La journée de l’écosystème régional d’innovation revient. DR – DR

Third edition this week for the Hello la Tech event day, organized by French Tech Méditerranée. A meeting that brings together the entire regional innovation ecosystem around conferences and round tables.

Created in 2022 by French Tech Méditerranée, local capital of the movement which brings together 200 innovative companies from Hérault and Gard, Hello la Tech day returns for its third edition this Tuesday 25& nbsp;June, at Mas de Courant in Lattes (Hérault). The event, one of the most important in local tech, brings together several hundred regional participants each year. This year, the day will be partly devoted to innovation in the sporting field, a natural theme in the run-up to the Paris Olympics.

A new office for the structure

The day, which offers around ten keynotes and round tables, invites several local tech personalities to give their vision around specific themes. We will therefore find in particular Magali Boisseau, founder of the hosting platform Bedycasa, who will talk about the many changes of direction undergone by her site. Representatives of BPI France and Geneviève Marais, director of the Aquatech start-up, will debate on the theme of impact in innovation.

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Parity in the tech sector will be discussed by the general director of the neobank Qonto, and a manager of the start-up Swile, the region's only unicorn. Finally, the theme of sport will be addressed during the last round table, which will notably be moderated by Julien Bellot, general director of the Factory Club accelerator, dedicated to the transition into tech for high-level athletes.

This event, which will notably bring together several stands run by local start-ups, will also be an opportunity to elect and present the new office of the French Tech Méditerranée association . It will no longer be chaired by its current president, Nordine El Ouachmi, who has announced that he is leaving his post. A new president and a new office will thus be chosen by the entrepreneurs who make up the association.

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