“I am a special player”, “last year we lost twice in Montpellier, including a big blow”: Elohim Prandi confides on the eve of the MHB – PSG clash

The ex-Nîmes comes out of an exceptional Euro with the Blues. He will be one of the elements of Paris Saint-Germain to watch for Montpellier, during the shock on Sunday (4 p.m.), during the 18th day of Starligue.

No summit without great players. Montpellier, which hosts Paris on Sunday, on the occasion of the poster for the 18th day of Starligue, will have to work all over the field. Danger #1: Elohim Prandi. At 25, the ex-Nîmes, hero of the Euro with the Blues, is essential within the Parisian squad. And exciting one-on-one.

In what state did you come out of the European Championship at the end of January?

Physically, I was a little inside. Mentally completely flat. I had trouble restarting the machine. When you spend a month with this pressure, this over-concentration, returning to reality is not easy. You have to find the right balance. Now I feel good.

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You made an impression during this Euro won with the Blues, notably with a last-second free throw in the semi-final against Sweden. Would you say you are a special player ?

I'm a special player or at least not like everyone else. I differentiate myself in many aspects of the game. And sometimes, I'm the only one with the secret (laughs). I've never seen a guy lie down horizontally on a free throw. And yet I did it. Without thinking. I don’t want to be a player like the others.

Montpellier is quite simply the biggest French club

This Sunday, you will find Montpellier Handball. What does this club represent ?

You're going to get me into trouble… It’s quite simply the biggest French club. This is the reality even if Paris, since the arrival of the Qataris in the capital, has won almost all the titles for 10 years. But look again at what the MHB is doing this season despite the physical glitches. He's still there, he's doing well. Afterwards, with the championship, the Cup, the Champions League, it could perhaps be harder for the people of Montpellier.

You are telling us that the championship is already over ?

You never know what might happen. At the moment, we have a good lead (7 points) and if we win on Sunday, we will take a hell of an option. Especially since Nantes (2nd) and Montpellier (3rd) will have to meet.

What should we expect ?

To a super physical, intense match. Last year we lost twice in Montpellier, including a big blow in the Coupe de France. The people of Montpellier have an extraordinary strength of character and, pushed by their audience, they will not give up. It's up to us to stay serious.

Could you have played for the biggest French club ?

I have never had direct contact with the leaders of the MHB or Patrice Canayer. I simply knew, the day I signed in the capital (in 2020), that they had spoken with my agent. That being said, I think I needed to find Paris, my family and take on this big challenge with PSG. We don't realize the pressure there is around this club.

You mention Patrice Canayer. He will retire at the end of the season just like your partner Nikola Karabatic. What do they inspire you??

Patrice is the greatest French coach. He worked alongside or trained the greatest players. He is a great man with whom I would have liked to work. How would it have happened?? It intrigues me not to know.
Niko is Niko. I am lucky to have competed and won this European Championship with him. We will have this incredible memory in common. Afterwards, what can I say other than respect and admiration. Twenty-two years in the French team, you realize. It’s out of the ordinary. It will be a while before we see such a player again.

You still see yourself in the French team in 22 years ?

I will be 47 years old…

Let's say in 15 years then…

I don't know if I would have as much determination as Nikola to continue. Will my body follow ? I don't want to be a burden on my team.

If you could pick up a player from MHB and bring him back to Paris on Monday morning, who would you choose ?

Karl Konan, without hesitation. Everyone knows what's going on (Editor's note: the Montpellier player is in advanced contact with PSG). When we see what he did in defense during the Euro in relay for the two big guys (Fabregas and Luka Karabatic)… He’s a born leader, a great player.

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