“I’m not in remission at all”: Carla Bruni talks about her breast cancer and the treatment she is following

Carla Bruni revealed in October 2023 that she had breast cancer, in order to encourage women to have mammograms every year. If she has spoken little about her health since then, she gave some news to Vanity Fair.

Carla Bruni is discreet on matters relating to her health. She also revealed that she hesitated for a long time to reveal her breast cancer, diagnosed in 2019. In 2023, she did so, in order to convey a preventive message and encourage women to be screened every year thanks to to mammography.

Drug treatment

Now, five years after her first diagnosis, the model confides to Vanity Fair that she is still not in remission."See you later Once the first shock has passed, it is practically invigorating, even if it is painful, worrying and distressing. This is the case with regard to the medications I have to take, given that I am not at all in remission", she explains to the magazine.< /p>

This medication, Tamoxifen, she learned to thank for it, explains Carla Bruni. She who hated its side effect which can lead to weight gain, she remembers the words of a hairdresser friend who told her "deep down, you should thank him, this medication . Since then, I have blessed Tamoxifen every morning. I say to myself: what a wonder, I have this medicine! I have a 12-year-old little girl: I want to be able to see her big, big…", confides Carla Bruni.

When she revealed her cancer, in October 2023, the former first lady also expressed her luck. "My cancer was not yet aggressive, it did not have time to become so", and to remind that without her annual mammogram, which made it possible to detect it in time, she would probably no longer have a left breast.

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