Richard Gasquet: “There were a lot of people this evening, the atmosphere was enormous”, after his elimination at Roland-Garros against Sinner

Richard Gasquet: “There were a lot of people this evening, the atmosphere was enormous”, after his elimination at Roland-Garros against Sinner

Gasquet est tombé sur bien plus fort que lui. MAXPPP – Thierry Larret

Far from being ridiculous, Richard Gasquet lost in three sets against world No.2 Jannik Sinner 6-4, 6-2, 6-4, during the second round of Roland-Garros in a very beautiful night session atmosphere, Wednesday May 29.

How do you feel after this defeat ?

It's nice to play against the world number 2. Afterwards, you're always inevitably disappointed, it's clear that he was the favorite, there was no doubt about that. You always want to to win a set, to see what you can do, to serve a little better, to make a little less mistakes from time to time. But overall, it’s true that he was stronger. He still made some good shots, he didn't have a bad match. He poses a lot of problems, he hits hard from both sides, he is fast. He has very few weak points in his game.

They talk to you about your end but you still try to have fun ?

Try, it’s clear that you try to do your best. There, it feels good to have been able to win a match in the first round. In Grand Slams, it was five or six in a row that I lost in the first round, it was difficult. So, it's nice to win this match, to be able to play again on this course which is exceptional . It’s beautiful, it always makes you want to continue. Afterwards, you never know exactly what the future holds, but it's clear that when you play matches like that, when there are people, it's sure that you play for these kinds of emotions.

What's impressive about Sinner?

He doesn't give you time, he plays very, very fast. He has as strong a backhand as he has a forehand, that's still quite rare. Normally, even the best always have a little weakness on one side, but he has absolutely none. He goes quickly, he comes back. It’s true that it’s very impressive. It’s clear that this is the future of tennis in Europe.

And outside of class, how is he?

He is very humble, very pleasant. He has always been a great guy, a good tennis ambassador. There's nothing to say about that. He's really a very, very good player and a very nice guy.

Did the idea, when leaving the course, occur to you to say that this might be the last time? ;?

I don't actually have an idea. I don't know exactly what might happen next. Sometimes, when you've had a lot of defeats in the first round, you say to yourself, is there any point in continuing? Afterwards, when you win a match there, obviously, that makes you want to continue. I think it’s a bit the same for other players who are quite old like mine. We always try to push back, to see how it goes. Sometimes it's difficult, but sometimes you enjoy yourself. There's a bit of both.

Playing in a night session in front of a French audience, you felt it behind you?

Yes, it’s beautiful. There were a lot of people this evening, the atmosphere is enormous. On the other course too, first round, it’s sure that there are atmospheres that are incredible here at Roland-Garros. From the first rounds, it’s clearly it’s beautiful.

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