Image, celebrations and famous quotes… footballer Kylian Mbappé wants to protect his brand

Image, celebrations and famous quotes... footballer Kylian Mbappé wants to protect his brand

Mbappé est prêt capitaliser sur sa marque. RHR-FOTO – Teresa Kroeger/RHR-FOTO

According to the Spanish media AS, Kylian Mbappé recently filed a request with the European Union Office for Intellectual Property with the aim of strengthening the protection of his name, of his image and his most famous quotes. 

Every one of his actions is closely scrutinized. Only a few days after announcing his departure from PSG at the end of the season to its president Nasser al-Khelaïfi, Kyllian Mbappé is making headlines again.

Beyond being one of the best players on the football planet, the captain of the France team has also become a brand in his own right since the start of his career. And this brand, the kid from Bondy wants to cultivate it, protect it, in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

In this sense, number 7 of PSG would have recently filed an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)& nbsp;with the aim of strengthening the protection of his name, his image and his most famous quotes, reports the Spanish media AS.

Its request was filed on February 8 by a Parisian law firm. The EUIPO, whose headquarters is based in Alicante (south-east of Spain), had already registered the protection of seven brands belonging to Mbappé since the start of his career. The latter would now like to reserve the use of a new brand comprising only his name "Mbappé".

Although he also protected his famous goal celebration with a black, white and gray drawing where he is stopped in his tracks, smiling face, arms crossed and hands under his armpits , he now seeks to reserve another identical drawing, but all in black, with the exception of his arms and hands with raised thumbs, which stand out in white.

Toothpastes, perfumes and jewelry

Number 10 of the Blues, who is very aware of the advantages of intellectual property, is seeking to obtain commercial use of his name for uses as diverse as cosmetics, toothpaste, perfumery, wetsuits diving gear, jewelry, bookbinding materials, umbrellas, bags and travel items.

Besides his name, Mbappé has registered with the EUIPO two of his most memorable punchlines, '&#39 ;You don't talk to me about age'' and ''Football is has changed'', as well as a drawing representing the logo of one of the solidarity activities of which it is one; one of the visible heads, ''We care for all''. You will have understood, the Mbappé brand is launched and it risks bringing big profits to the player.

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