In Aveyron, wage gaps persist: women earn 16% less than men for equal working hours

In Aveyron, wage gaps persist: women earn 16% less than men for equal working hours

La question des salaires revient régulièrement lors des manifestations féministes. Centre Presse – Salima Ouirni

Ce jeudi 7 mars, l'Insee a publié une large étude sur l'égalité femmes-hommes en Occitanie et en Aveyron. Et si les femmes affichent un plus haut niveau d'études, elles affichent une rémunération inférieure à celle des hommes.

Education, employment, standard of living… The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) has sifted through a whole bunch of data measuring the daily gaps between women and men, in a dated study of March 7, the eve of International Women's Day. And depending on gender, we can largely conclude that life paths are very different. Figures broken down for each department, here are those concerning Aveyron.

Employment: better paid men

This is the argument that is at the top of all feminist demonstrations. Women are paid less than men for equal working hours. INSEE confirms this observation. For an annual net salary in full-time equivalent, an Aveyron woman earns 23,019 € when a man pockets  nbsp;26,631 €. That is a gap of 15.69%, a percentage similar to the national average, set at 14.9%. This gap could be explained by unequal access to the best paid jobs. 9.3% of women are managers, compared to 13% of men.

INSEE also specifies the most popular positions by gender:   "Those most often occupied by women are maintenance workers (7.2 & nbsp;% of women in employment), caregivers (6.9%) and nurses, midwives (5.9%), while men are more often farmers (11.9 %), vehicle drivers (5.4%) or skilled construction workers (4.2%)."

Finally, if the calculation of salary is carried out for equal working hours, women and men do not consume employment in the same way. Nearly a quarter of women are part-time(23.4%), while this This situation is rare among men (4.9%). 8 out of 10 have a full-time job, compared to 3 out of 5 women .

A factor most certainly linked to pregnancy and motherhood. Two thirds of women without children hold a full-time job, only 2 in 5 do so when they have three or more children. While for this last statistical element, 85%, of men work 35 hours per week.

Poverty: single women with children affected

By type of household, it is single women with their child(ren) who find themselves in the most financial difficulty. "While 14.5% of the department's population lives below the poverty line, this is the case for 31.3% of the population of single-parent families where the reference adult is a woman. ;quot;, specifies INSEE. These isolated mothers have a median standard of living of  16,830 € annual , compared to an average of 21,860 €.

Education: more educated women

This is where the pay gaps become surprising. If men are better paid, they study for less time than women. A third of Aveyronnaises aged 15 to 24 who have left the school system have graduated from higher education, this is the case for 1 man out of 4.

An observation that is confirmed from high school. The majority of girls are present in general baccalaureate courses, representing 58% of students, whereas on the contrary, there are 61% of boys in vocational high schools.

Lower life expectancy for men

If according to the figures from the 2020 census, Aveyron has more women than men (141,510 compared to 138,044), this is ;is a phenomenon largely justified by their over-representation in the elderly population. Because at birth, women have a life expectancy of 86 years in the department, it is < strong>80.9 years for men. 60% of seniors over 75 are female.

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