In Chemin-Bas, in Nîmes, a pistol was discovered in a car, the occupants assure that it belongs to a “hitchhiker”

In Chemin-Bas, in Nîmes, a pistol was discovered in a car, the occupants assure that it belongs to a “hitchhiker”

À qui appartient l'arme automatique retrouvée par les policiers ? D.R. – Midi Libre

This Wednesday, February 28, a man appeared detained before the Nîmes Court of Appeal. Implicated with several other individuals in a case of transport and possession of weapons, he requested his release before the investigating chamber.

Sitting in the glass box of the investigation room this Wednesday, February 28, Hassan hopes to emerge free. In provisional detention since February 13, the thirty-year-old is indicted for "unauthorized possession and transport in assembly weapons and ammunition of category B" , and "criminal association with a view to preparing a crime".

On February 9, in the Chemin-Bas district of Nîmes, four of the five occupants of a Peugeot 206 wearing gloves, masks and caps were arrested following a material accident, after being chased by a Bac crew.

A fifth individual with his face also concealed managed to escape the police, nevertheless letting a 7.67 caliber automatic pistol fall to the ground in his flight. A weapon identical to the one found by the police behind the passenger seat of the vehicle, alongside two kitchen knives and a third. folding knife.

Threatened with firearms ?

During their custody, Hassan and the driver of the car confirmed that they had, shortly before their arrest, picked up three strangers while hitchhiking. nbsp;who suddenly urged them, at gunpoint, not to stop when they saw the police. "We were coming back from eating at a snack bar. These three men asked us to drop them off at the medical center", Hassan explained in particular during his hearing. 

Against this defendant well known to the justice system, already convicted of possession of category B weapons, the Attorney General requested that he be kept in custody. detention. What do marriage plans or even the brand new ambulance diploma invoked by the person concerned matter to the magistrate.

Hassan will be decided on his fate this Thursday. The decision pronouncing his release or his continued detention pending his trial will be made public during the day.

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