In Gard, the project to install live lines continues to electrify

In Gard, the project to install live lines continues to electrify

Citizens are still mobilizing against this project to install power lines. DR

In Gard, the project to install live lines continues to electrify

Environ 200 personnes se sont retrouvées sur le site du belvédère des Mourgues-du-Gré. DR

Around 200 demonstrators met again, this Wednesday, June 5, on the site of the Mourgues-de-Gré belvedere, overlooking the Beaucair plain, between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer, in order to & nbsp;mark their opposition to the installation of a very high voltage line.

This Wednesday, June 5, nearly 200 citizens gathered to once again mark their opposition to the installation of the Very High Voltage (THT) line between Jonquières-Saint-Vincent and Fos-sur-Mer and prove to decision-makers that the mobilization is still active and does not intend to stop there if they are not listened to.

From the belvedere overlooking the Beaucair plain, the clear view allowed us to imagine, through a visual showing the series of pylons, the torn landscape.

At the podium, various speakers representing the tourism, agriculture, environment and energy sectors, as well as associations fighting against the project, expressed their anger and their disappointment at the position of the rapporteur of the public consultation and the prefect.

A new call to demonstrate on June 19

For all opponents of the project, the State and RTE, the company in charge of the project, ignored alternative solutions to the deployment of the line. Luc Perrin, opposition elected official at Beaucaire town hall, commented "The file is biased and incomplete, a lot of data is missing, particularly that which would make it possible to assess the real cost of the system’ operation and to compare with alternative solutions, immediately ruled out by RTE."

The chosen route will be presented to local stakeholders by RTE on June 11 and then to the public on June 28. Opponents of the project, more than doubtful about the decisions to come, are asking that the State establish a moratorium in order to study alternative solutions, to avoid the definitive destruction of the "triangle of& rsquo;gold of biodiversity", and call for a new demonstration on June 19.

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