In Gard, the revival of the UPE 30 employers’ union

In Gard, the revival of the UPE 30 employers’ union

Le président David Mélenchon – au centre – s’entoure de quatre vice-présidents aux compétences bien définies. C.S. – Midi Libre

The Union for Gard Companies presented this Tuesday, April 9, its new organization and its ambitions. In its new premises, Allée de l’Latin America, in Nîmes, inaugurated just a few weeks ago.

Barely two years ago, they were  more than  enough" to its three permanent employees, we assured Midi Libre on the side of the Union for Gard Enterprises (UPE30). But quickly deemed too cramped, faced with new ambitions, the 90 m2 of the premises of the Gard employers' union, at the time installed on ;the quays of La Fontaine in the heart of the city were finally abandoned a few weeks ago.

Now, it’is on almost 1 000 m2 of surface – bright, airy and spread over two floors at the entrance to the city (av. de l’Amérique Latine) – that UPE 30 intends to ensure its in-depth transformation. By now welcoming business leaders from the department directly to its site, in a real living space.

A synergy at the service of entrepreneurs

" More visible, more accessible, this new space offers 450 m2 a real place of exchange and support for our  nbsp;members. 600 others will very soon be intended for office rental, again for the benefit of our entrepreneurs", detailed this Tuesday, April 9, David Mélenchon at the head of UPE 30, during a presentation to the press of these new ultra-modern premises and his new team.

It is in fact on the shoulders of four vice-presidents (Nicolas Alteirac, Virginie Calligaro, Gilles Laumesfelt and Laure Tissot) that the organization and operation of the summit of the UPE 30.

Men and women with well-defined areas of expertise (relationship with training establishments, with local authorities, with members and strategy) who are therefore preparing to work, in  a real synergy, to support the life of some 255 Gard companies, members of the UPE30.

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