In Lézan, the know-how of sheep shearing on display

In Lézan, the know-how of sheep shearing on display

Around the shepherd Thomas Marcilly, a day of sharing knowledge and passion. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Thursday, April 4, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., shepherd Thomas Marcilly invites you to share the daily life of his profession during this day of shearing his animals on the Ristes land.

In the leaping reactions of a sheep just escaped from the hands of a shearer, we can read a certain joy. Freed from this heavy fleece, the latter savors this new lightness and also guesses the news of the nearby transhumance that this hair sequence signifies.

No dog to avoid the stress of the sheep!

Thursday, April 4, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., the day of shearing of the animals from the flock of shepherd Thomas Marcilly (La vigne bêêêle) will not fail to hit the spirits. Because, count carefully, 180 sheep will pass under the scissors of professional shearer Guy Buanec.
An ace scissor combining dexterity and endurance in order to relieve the ewe of its approximately 4 kg of wool, while avoiding injuries while fatigue, at the end of the day, is overwhelming… A wool recovered by the shepherd's companion, Natacha, which will then be transported to the Ariège laundromat in Niaux. A resource whose reuse is also supported locally by associations, including Objectif laine, organizer of the next wool festival in Génolhac, on August 10.
The only precaution is that our dog friends are not allowed so as not to generate additional stress for the sheep…

In the event of rain, the mowing day will be canceled. The Ristes land is located on the edge of the Gardon. The access path is opposite the Madeleine pottery on departmental road 982 leading to Atuech. Contact: 06 89 55 40 85. I subscribe to read more

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