In Lunel, the opposing worlds of teenagers and seniors meet at the hospital center's nursing home

In Lunel, the opposing worlds of teenagers and seniors meet at the hospital center's nursing home

La journée test a été plus que convaincante. Aussi bien du côté des seniors que de celui des jeunes. A. C.

Chaque mois, des rendez-vous vont animer l’Établissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes du centre hospitalier. Cuisine, jeux mais aussi expériences et vécus sont au programme de ces instants privilégiés.

It's going to hit the big time. And probably the chat, between a twelve-letter word in Scrabble® and pairs of memory game images found, with madeleines and hot drinks nearby.

No, we are not in a game library but at the Ehpad of the Lunel hospital center, Place de la République. At least in what will happen there each month, supervised by a handful of volunteers, the three facilitators of the retirement home and members of Arts and Cultures.

Two universes that meet, discover each other

From this Wednesday afternoon, April 17, intergenerational activities will shake up – in the good sense of the word – the walls of the establishment dedicated to the elderly.

Far from the usual events, it is not the children, as we see more and more frequently in the towns, but indeed the adolescents – in particular those in Arts and Cultures – who travel to meet their elders.

"It’is an audience that interests me because it is completely cut off from our elders, explains Nataly Laroche, at the initiative of this project. Often it is the schools that travel, during meal times for example, to come and keep the residents company. They are little ones, who bring their share of life and vitality.

"However, she continues,I wanted there to be a notion of transmission. In both ways. And the age of adolescence seemed best suited to me. Young people and seniors, these are two generations opposite in age but also completely opposite. They don't know each other, so they don't know each other's stories."

A convincing test

A whole universe to discover and conquer which also seduced Anne Finot, facilitator of a theater workshop, and the three facilitators from the Ehpad. One of them, Olivier Armingol, is convinced of the success of this operation.

"We did a test last week. A dozen out of fifteen residents that day completely embraced the idea,underlines, full of satisfaction, the employee of the retirement home. These are moments of around an hour which will be devoted to them. Beyond that, it’s always tiring for them. But a rich and enriching hour."

Sharing experiences, from both sides

One-on-one or in a group, it will be about sharing a game, baking a cake, organizing a lottery or even having a snack. More extensive will be the moments during which interaction and reciprocal enrichment will become one.

"The first meeting of this type, which we would like to take place monthly, will take place in May. It will take place like an interview, explains Nataly Laroche.Young people and elders will ask themselves the same question. And everyone will respond according to their experience, their time, their vision. It could be about work, love, family, the condition of women…"

And love in all that ?

Debates-meetings will also be organized around current affairs, social … and residents have already announced the color. "Some have said that they would like to address the subject of sexuality", says Olivier Armingol with a smile.

Not afraid, seniors, to find themselves face to face with this youth who is discovering themselves and who will also introduce them to their world, especially during the day when music will resonate in the nursing home.

"Everyone will come with their piece, continues to explain Anne Finot, who will allow, through her training in theater , to leave embarrassment and apprehension behind the scenes for the benefit of dialogue and ease. The same day, we will probably hear rap mixed with songs from another time."

It's not Solange who will complain about it, she who assured, during the presentation meeting: "C’ is a great idea because we are isolated from this world. We no longer have access to it." From now on, it's him who will come to meet them.

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