In Lunel, this Tuesday evening, a meeting for relatives of people with mental illness

In Lunel, this Tuesday evening, a meeting for relatives of people with mental illness

Nicolas Baudesseau et Karine Boubekeur, de la CPTS ¨Pays de Lunel. A. C.

Organisée par la CPTS, elle a lieu ce mardi 4 juin, dès 18 h, Espace Castel.

With one in five people suffering from a psychological disorder or mental illness, few of us escape, directly or indirectly, the impact that this can cause in life, on a daily basis or occasionally.

Those most affected are loved ones, family, friends… who are often “released into nature”, just as much as those they surround and support, in the full sense of the term.

Free and open access

"With the successive closures of beds in hospitals, the horribly long delays in having an appointment with a professional in the psychiatric field, the situation in France is catastrophic. As it is, therefore, for the people who live with these patients."

The one who draws up this dismaying and alarming assessment is Nicolas Baudesseau. This Tuesday, June 4, he is one of the health professionals who will welcome relatives of people with mental disorders around the meeting proposed by the territorial professional health community (CPTS) of Pays de Lunel.

Free and open access, the meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at Espace Castel and will culminate in exchanges of experiences and information on local relays. A private nurse in the Lunelois region, Nicolas Baudesseau knows the field of psychiatry well, having focused his profession on this specialization since 2007.

Towards a caregiver café

From the start of the creation, in 2020, of the CPTS du Pays de Lunel, the liberal nurse was involved in the networking of patients with mental disorders, their environments and health professionals. To the point of becoming the referent “mental health” within the structure.

"It is important, in the case of mentally ill people, not only to support them in their life course and the entirety of their care but also their allow access to a caring, structured environment, with benchmarks, underlines Nicolas Baudesseau, who has worn the white coat since his diploma obtained in 1999. In this, the family environment becomes a primordial axis in this establishment around the patient."

It’is for him, whether it concerns loved ones but also associations, employees, reception structures, reception centers, etc. speakers (firefighters, municipal police officers, gendarmes…) that the CPTS psy referent and its director Catherine Vigoureux have done, for several months, important and impressive networking work which culminates, this evening, in this first meeting -debate.
Ultimately, they hope that the meeting will take place over time.

"And why not in the form, for example, of a caregiver café every two months", would like Karine Boubekeur, responsible for administrative management within the territorial professional health community of Pays de Lunel . The question and the idea are posed.

Already significant existing material

Nicolas Baudesseau knows this only too well: "Most of the time, when faced with a situation with a loved one suffering from a mental illness, those around them do not know who to turn to turn around." 

In addition to this Tuesday's meeting in Castel, certain programs have already been set up by the CPTS recently.

Among others, a directory for professionals referencing their colleagues and structures focused on psychological disorders, a partnership with the Stella clinic for a first consultation with an emergency doctor, training with professionals in the mental health and working groups with partners such as Adages, APSH 34 (association for people with disabilities), parent associations…

Contact: CPTS on 04 67 27 34 76.

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