In Millau, a Spring of Colors to forget the gray

In Millau, a Spring of Colors to forget the gray

Le duo Akun s’est produit samedi après-midi dans la cour du Créa. AD

Le succès au rendez-vous du 18e Printemps des couleurs de l’association Myriade qui doit composer avec un budget globalement "très insuffisant".

Theater, open stages, traditional dances, parades in costume by students from the Chinese class of the Marcel-Aymard college, concerts with the Franco-Mexican duo Akun and the local Georges du Tarn, and on-site catering with pastries and couscous treat… Here is the summary of this 18th edition of the Spring of Colors which took place on Saturday in the Créa courtyard in Millau.

An initiative carried out by the numerous volunteers of Myriade, a popular education association developing integration and solidarity actions aimed at migrant populations and all those who experience difficulties. ;nbsp;integration difficulties. "An association based on unconditional welcome", summarizes the new president Sandrine Bascou who succeeds Monique Crinon to the position.

Language, cooking and computer courses, preparation for driving license tests, social and administrative information point, gardens shared… Behind Myriade, a galaxy of actions and activities that "many Millavois people are still unaware of", recognizes Sandrine Bascou who wants take advantage of his presidency to communicate more.

Budget "very insufficient"

Because behind the veneer of a moment such as the Spring of Colors, difficulties still present for the six employees of the structure and its 70 volunteers – "the living force of Myriade" – who support around 150 families annually, or nearly 400 people with a budget "very insufficient", explained Monique Crinon in 2022.

"The public authorities hear us. They even respect us but we've gotten used to what we do even if we don't have it. Our premises, for example, are unsanitary for our employees and for all those who pass through them. But we say to ourselves, Myriade will deal with that. This is both our strength and our weakness. And it annoys me."

On this subject, renovation work on the premises on rue Saint-Antoine is now envisaged in an envelope of expenses distributed between Aveyron Habitat, the various social aids , and the association which would have, according to initial estimates, nearly 10,000 euros remaining. to be paid. A cost’that the association is not able to assume.

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