In Nîmes, kick off for the Primafresca!

In Nîmes, kick off for the Primafresca!

In Nîmes, kick off for the Primafresca!

Dès l’inauguration, ce vendredi 12 avril, la foule s’amasse dans la rue Fresque. Midi Libre – C.S.

From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April, revelers will meet in the heart of the city, this year on the theme of the Olympic Games. Just to get in shape as the Pentecost feria approaches.

Now extended to adjacent streets, Primafresca 2024 was inaugurated in historic Fresque Street this Friday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. Olympic Games oblige, the festivities this year will be punctuated by revisited sporting events, each really more fun than the other!

A little sport

Between games of pétanque, darts or beer pong in almost all the organizing bars (there are now 15, compared to 8 until now), sumo races and waiters with trays will give, between aperitifs with friends, something to do a little sport for the party-goers.

Throwing espadrilles

Special mention for the espadrilles throwing scheduled for Sunday and which should be held in the presence, it seems, of the official French team in the discipline.

Enough to prepare with dignity for the Pentecost feria, the start of which will be given in exactly one month.

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