In Nîmes, the Spot risks closing its doors

In Nîmes, the Spot risks closing its doors

L'artiste Guillaumit lors de la dernière édition de L'Expo de ouf. – Mikaël Anisset

Le tiers-lieu du quartier Gambetta à Nîmes est menacé de fermeture. 

For a decade, Le Spot has become essential in the cultural landscape of Nîmes. Each year, the third place welcomes more than 20 visitors. Over the course of eleven editions of the Expo de ouf, he transformed the Gambetta and Richelieu districts with 150 street-art frescoes. 

The association anticipates a cash flow deficit for August 2024. Measures have already been taken to clean up the financial situation, which has been very disrupted by the health crisis. The cooperative is launching today& #39;today a call for donations, via the HelloAsso platform. The sums collected will make it possible to save existing jobs, maintain the location despite the increase in costs, and continue the projects and activity of the Spot.

Le Spot has developed an ambitious project within a working-class neighborhood, with an association and then a cooperative created in 2019, with the aim of supporting it with projects. The two structures will have a combined turnover of 500,000 euros in 2022, yet they live in a form of precariousness and a lack of visibility. Le Spot has always wanted its independence, by developing self-financing. Equity capital represents 47% of the budget. Despite everything, the two structures, the cooperative and the association, have a total deficit of 80,000 euros in 2022.

Le Spot will organize a meeting on Tuesday March 12, to present this campaign. 

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