In Saint-Affrique, second year students from the Jean-Jaurès high school create a fresco with Pink’art Roz

In Saint-Affrique, second year students from the Jean-Jaurès high school create a fresco with Pink’art Roz

Les dix élèves de 2e avec Pink’Art Rom et leur professeur d’arts plastiques Adeline Trazic © DR Marilyn Beaufour

Accompanied by the artist Pink’art Roz, the 2nd year students from the Jean-Jaurès high school created a fresco in five days accompanied by the urban art artist Pink’art Roz.

A performance! Second year students from Lycée Jean-Jaurès created a fresco in five days, from May 27 to 31, in the hall of their establishment. Accompanied by urban art artist Pink’art Roz, the ten high school students first drew their future work on the wall, using rear projection.

"The idea is to transmit, share, to discover the profession of artist, explains Pink’art Roz, she continues, the fresco has an advantage, that of working on several subjects at the same time time. Urban art allows it".

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Their plastic arts teacher, present throughout the workshop, Adeline Trazic, would like to recall the committed side of this fresco and its theme: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. "Moreover, we started from Delacroix's painting-Liberty Leading the People-. Then Pink’art Roz arrived on the first day with her own visual inspired by our theme which we projected on the wall, in fact a transparent plastic, a sort of technical sheet with the colors".

Pride of participating

And here are the ten high school students focused on their activity. Some hold a paintbrush, others a rabbit's foot. The products, the special acrylic paint and the tools are professional. Zoé is enthusiastic: "It’s a chance for us to work with a well-known artist, with impressive works, like this portrait on a 28-meter wall& ;nbsp;! Plus we are a team, that counts. As for Thomas, he proclaims his pride in participating in this project: "Already , this allows us to explain street art, to experience it by drawing on a real wall. Not in class and not on A4 sheets of paper… ".

Pink’art Roz bounces back: "This joint artistic achievement also shows them that they are capable of this collective success. This is possible when several of us paint or draw on the same wall. Adeline Trazic adds: "For this work, no – I don't know how to draw – rear projection, which these students have been using since their 4th grade class, allows them to overcome this pitfall. They spent the morning of Monday, May 27, making all the outlines with a marker on the wall.


Proof of their inventiveness, the high school students solved a problem. In the high school hall a post is erected some 40 cm from the fresco. Regardless, budding artists have found a solution: use this cylindrical pole by transforming it into an anamorphosis (result of the frontal projection of an image not perpendicular to the image). projection axis).

In fact, part of the hair of the central character in the fresco appears both on the wall and on the post. If a person positions their feet on either side of the carpet before entering the hall, they see the fresco sideways and the lady's hair (main subject of the work) extending his face. It’s almost magical! All Saint-Affricains can experience it… Congratulations to these high school students.

The portrait of Jacques Brel in Vésoul

Née à Besançon, Pink’art Roz defines herself as a street art artist, « muriste » engaged in a poetic way. She mixes different artistic styles like spray paint and stencils. His works question, provoke reactions and by definition are visible to everyone because they are in the street. Created as close as possible to their environment, they interact with it like his greatest fresco, the portrait of Jacques Brel & Vésoul, 28 m high on the facade of a building.

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