In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Ils sont venus des quatre coins du Gard pour rencontrer les journalistes de la rédaction. Giacomo Italiano

The editorial team brought together around sixty of its Gard correspondents in L’Ombrière, Thursday June 27, to thank them for their daily commitment.

Due to its central location, in the heart of the Gard, the medieval town of Uzès was ideal for bringing together all the correspondents of this department, which extends from the Cévennes to the Camargue. This position convinced Midi Libre to meet them this Thursday, June 27 in the evening, at the L’Ombrière room. Indeed, while it was customary for the newspaper to invite them to share a festive moment at the company's headquarters for its traditional correspondents' party, it was decided this year that the editorial staff would travel to even in different departments!

A formidable territorial network

Fabrice Verdier, president of the community of communes of the country of Uzès, was keen to underline the importance of the regional daily press: "I am very happy to welcome you this evening in this room at l’Ombrière. Midi Libre is in fact the daily reflection of current events in our territories. We must appreciate how lucky we are to have local, free and independent media!"

Comments approved by the newspaper's editorial director, Olivier Biscaye: "In these troubled times, we need the press, journalists and of course correspondents. This is why I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your daily work in the field!"

Caricatures of Man

If Midi Libre has indeed succeeded for more than 80 years in providing its readers with regional information, it is above all thanks to a formidable network of men and of women hired to cover the news in their territory. This is why several of them were rewarded for their initiative, their responsiveness or simply their good humor!

Several raffle draws also interspersed the evening and allowed the lucky ones to win a tasty portrait signed Man, the famous newspaper cartoonist present that evening.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

The cartoonist Man created several caricatures during the evening. Giacomo Italiano

Before enjoying a generous cocktail accompanied by musical notes from guitarist Jean-Baptiste Sobas, journalist Édith Lefranc, from the Villages and Proximity department, made a point of greeting the correspondents present one last time, and welcomed them encouraged to continue to cultivate their curiosity.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Many activities were planned, such as the presence of the magician Belfiore. Giacomo Italiano

Initiative price

It was journalist Christine Didier who had the honor of presenting the first prize of the evening to Grand-Combe correspondent Sébastien Gonzalez. He has in fact written a beautiful article, richly illustrated, on the occasion of the signing of a partnership between the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS), the Department of Gard, and the prefecture. This agreement concerned forest fires, a unfortunately very current problem in our region regularly hit by this type of natural disaster.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Christine Didier and Sébastien Gonzalez. Giacomo Italiano

Photo price

The Saint-Mamert correspondent received the photo of the year prize from journalist Cathy Mille. Elisabeth Begot actually used a drone to photograph the "sc’Olympic" flame. This is a choreography performed by local schoolchildren who formed a human chain representing the famous Olympic rings. In order to best reflect the result, the correspondent did not hesitate to use great means to deliver a superb aerial photo!

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Cathy Mille and Elisabeth Begot. Giacomo Italiano

Alert price

The editorial director Olivier Biscaye awarded the Méjannes-le-Clap correspondent the alert prize, to thank him for his responsiveness during the terrible floods in March. Frédéric Bernard then reported to the editorial staff the disappearance of two Méjannaises swept away by the waters on a submersible bridge. He then wrote a moving portrait of the two women, Bénédicte Laigneau and Armelle Vanderhaeghe, very popular in the village which remains in mourning after this terrible accident.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Olivier Biscay and Frédéric Bernard. Giacomo Italiano

Interview price

Journalist Cathy Mille awarded the Sauve correspondent the prize for the interview. Dominique Hoste indeed managed to secure an interview with an internationally renowned personality who usually remains very silent, the American Robert Crumb. The comic strip artist, who has lived in the Gard commune for more than 30 years, spoke with great emotion about the death of his wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb, very involved in the village and known to all. the Savages.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Dominique Hoste and Cathy Mille. Giacomo Italiano

Portrait price

The Lirac correspondent received the portrait prize from the head of the Bagnols-sur-Cèze agency, Cécile Bodarwé. Erick Chabaud is rewarded for his article on Roger Boulaire, the first centenary winemaker of the village! For the occasion, he, who is a loyal reader of Midi Libre (he knew about its creation), recalled his memories and told the correspondent all the developments which have transformed Lirac for more than ;rsquo;a century, from the appearance of running water to that of television.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Cécile Bodarwé and Erick Chabaud. Giacomo Italiano

Good understanding price

Olivier Biscaye awarded a somewhat original prize, implemented for the first time this year: that of good understanding, awarded to Amélie Gil, Danielle Meunier and Fernand Tailhades! It rewards the three correspondents who share the town of Saint-Christol-lez-Alès. Everyone has their favorite field, such as Fernand Tailhades who prefers to deal with sporting subjects. All three are in any case committed to reporting as best as possible on the news of this Gard commune, in an atmosphere of frank camaraderie!

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Olivier Biscaye with Amélie Gil, Danielle Meunier and Fernand Tailhades (from left to right in the photo). Giacomo Italiano

Neighborhood Correspondent Award

It was Édith Lefranc, from the Villages and Proximity department and former head of an agency in Nîmes, who presented the neighborhood correspondent prize to Christian Cartoux, for his portrait of the young Nîmes dancer from the Gambetta district Clémentine Aloeboetoe.

In Uzès, Midi Libre rewards its information sentinels

Christian Cartoux and Edith Lefranc. Giacomo Italiano

Aged 17, she passed the difficult competition for the Alvin Ailey School, a prestigious New York dance school, and will therefore soon go to the other side of the Atlantic. A beautiful story like Midi Libre likes to share with its readers.

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