Indoor World Championships: Jean-Marc Pontvianne, injured, withdraws

Indoor World Championships: Jean-Marc Pontvianne, injured, withdraws

Après un bon début de saison, Jean-Marc Pontvianne doit ralentir. MAXPPP – STADION-ACTU

Le triple sauteur nîmois a ressenti une petite douleur vendredi dernier lors du meeting de Madrid.

Jean-Marc Pontvianne, 2024 French indoor champion, author of a triple jump at 17.13 m this season which ranked him third on the list of athletes. nbsp;committed, had to resolve not to participate in the World Indoor Championships scheduled for next weekend in Glasgow (Scotland).

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Ischios injury

Following discomfort felt during the Madrid meeting last Friday, examinations taken at the beginning of the week confirmed an injury to the right ischio.

Two weeks off

The triple jumper from Entente Nîmes Athlétisme chose not to take the risk of aggravating the injury and thus preserve the rest of his Olympic season. He will allow himself two weeks of rest accompanied by specific treatments, then will resume a progressive re-athletics protocol from mid-March.

Azeddine Habz, new French record holder and fourth performer on the 1500 m entry list, is also out of these Worlds due to ;a pain in the right calf.

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