Info Midi Libre: He had a relationship with his 14-year-old student: in La Grand-Combe in Alès, a 44-year-old teacher in police custody

Info Midi Libre: He had a relationship with his 14-year-old student: in La Grand-Combe in Alès, a 44-year-old teacher in police custody

Les enseignants du collège Léo-Larguier à La Grand-Combe sont sous le choc après la révélation des faits. Midi Libre – Sébastien Gonzalez

Un professeur de 44 ans entretenait une relation avec une élève de 14 ans. Les enquêteurs disposent de courriers où l’homme fait part de ses sentiments à la jeune fille.

At Léo-Larguier college, the teachers are in shock. This Tuesday, one of them was missing. A 44-year-old teacher has been in police custody since classes resumed while waiting to be presented this Thursday to the Alès court.

The man is accused of corruption of a minor and sexual assault on a 14-year-old student at the establishment.
The affair was revealed thanks to the confession of a friend of the complainant to the principal education advisor, on Friday March 29. The girlfriend reportedly reported sexual behavior on the part of the forty-year-old.

A report to the Alès public prosecutor's office

The teenage girl, victim of these facts, then confirmed her friend's statements with the establishment's nurse.
The professor would have become closer to the young girl for about a month. He would have spotted her in the courtyard and would have wanted her to follow his teachings.

The report was immediately transmitted to the gendarmerie and the Alès public prosecutor's office by the administration of the establishment.
During the investigation, letters written by the adult were found by the gendarmes. In these letters "very eloquent", assures a source close to the file, it would be "d& ;rsquo;want to have children with her, to take trips."

The accused denies any violence or coercion

As a result of this rapprochement, the professor allegedly hugged him, caressed his buttocks, and tried to kiss him. The man would have continued his assiduity to the point of coming to his home. It was this last visit which caused certain stress in the young girl which ultimately pushed her to confide in her friend. The latter then choosing to reveal the heavy secret to the school administration.

The young girl, psychologically fragile, seemed, at least for a time, to have also had feelings for the adult and he in turn would have &quot ;declared his love".

A psychological expertise which reveals nothing particular about the professor

"The professor did not seem to see the age gap between them, estimates a judicial source. A young girl who calls herself “in love” of an adult it’s one thing, she is not always able to understand all the implications, but conversely, the adult must, at some point, fix limits in his relationship with the student. The psychological expertise did not reveal any disorder in this man."

By the investigators' own admission, the professor is “Mr. Everyman”.

In his statements in police custody, the accused categorically denies any violence against the minor. Confronted with the letters, the man assures that there are no sexual connotations and refutes any kiss exchanged with his student.

Letters and gifts for the teenage girl

The investigation revealed that the teacher was generous with the young student since he gave her several gifts including a book, a ring and a perfume.

The public prosecutor of Alès, Abdelkrim Grini, has decided on the choice of legal proceedings (read opposite). The teacher should appear before the criminal court in the context of this relationship and the suspicions of sexual assault which are otherwise contested.

Prosecutor Abdelkrim Grini: “We reacted very quickly”

Abdelkrim Grini, the prosecutor of the Republic of Alès, confirmed most of the information collected by Midi Libre concerning the romantic relationship between a professor and a student at the L&o-Larguier college in La Grand- Combe.
"I confirm that the person in question is a 44-year-old teacher who had a relationship with a young 14-year-old student.&quot ;

The situation would have continued for several weeks.

"As soon as I ’wasé notice&eac; of the situation this Friday, with the gendarmes of the La Grand-Combe brigade, we reacted very quickly. Considering the sensitivity of the file, I gave instruction to summon the professor à the brigade from this Tuesday where he was é placed on guard &agrav; view. Monday being a holiday, the school closed, the young girl was at home in safety.&quot ;

The gendarmes increased their number the acts of investigation during the Easter weekend.
"The entourage of the protagonists wasé past under sieve. People were taken into custody. auditioned. Taking into account the elements collected, this Thursday, the teacher will be dismissed. at the Alès courthouse to be present in court. on the floor. I contacted the JLD (judge of freedoms and detention, editor's note) and I took requisitions for judicial control while waiting for the ;rsquo;audience. The man will be judged in a few weeks."

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