Viaduc 2 business park in Millau: “To date, three lots have been reserved and signed”

Viaduc 2 business park in Millau: “To date, three lots have been reserved and signed”

Vue aérienne de la zone d'activités Viaduc 2. DR

Currently being commercialized, the Viaduc 2 industrial and artisanal activity zone will soon welcome three companies. 6.5 ha are being marketed, in the immediate vicinity of the Millau-Viaduc interchange on the A75.

"We finally managed to restart Viaduc 2!" Not without a certain satisfaction, the vice-president in charge of the economic development of the com'com Thierry Pérez reveals what will be the "strong subject" of the next council community scheduled for this Monday, January 29 in the evening at the Millau Viaduc hall. 

A "strong axis of economic development" for the territory which the elected official welcomes."Our predecessors wanted to reserve this area for exogenous companies, outside the Millau sector but nothing was sold& ;quot;, analyzes Thierry Perez. No more success, either, for the project to establish a data center which had been discussed under the previous municipality. " This is why, upon arriving, we decided to open up to our business leaders in Millau and South Aveyron. And here we are!"

Three next installations

"To date, three lots have been reserved and signed. The first Cauvy Assainissement with a 600 m² building. We also have SARL Arnault Ouallet, specialized in the machining and equipment of high-precision machines which takes up a lot of 5,994 m². For the third, it is the Actiman company, Manitou concessionaire, building and public works machinery better known for construction site elevators", welcomes the vice president. 

Exclusive dealer of the Manitou brand in Lozère, Aveyron and South Cantal, the "distributor and rental of handling and equipment equipment elevation of people" will thus take possession of 11,000 m² as confirmed by its president Sébastien Braud, former employee of the Manitou group and member of the family of the founder of the eponymous brand.

Advanced Discussions

"We are also in discussions with 2 or 3 other companies who have asked us to still preserve their anonymity, continues Thierry Perez whose idea is to develop the area and sell the last lots "as quickly as possible". "Our strategy is to fill this area with Millavois companies as a priority but if others apply, we will not be against it, far from it.& ;quot; 

"We have put in a lot of effort. All the networks are there, the landscaping was taken care of by the community. We also offer the services of a consulting architect commissioned by the com'com who allows us to support companies in their implementation, always with this idea of ​​quality. With a relatively clear view, quite exceptional", valid Clément Grégoire, project manager "Development and attractiveness" within the community. 

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